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Nov 2, 2015

Last week, Taboolars across the globe donned costumes in the spirit of Halloween, in addition to attending their scheduled presentations and industry conferences. Below is a quick recap of each event, along with photos and relevant discussion from social media. Innovate:NY Workshop – Content For E-Commerce (New York) Taboola’s Senior Manager of Brand and Agency Development, Ben Nichols, hosted a breakfast session at The Advertising Club of New York around the topic of “Content for E-Commerce,” drawing a select crowd of brand and agency representatives. Ben’s presentation provided an overview of how Taboola can work with retailers to better promote their content across the web and drive real conversions. Sample case studies showed both the cost-effectiveness and versatility of content discovery, capable of generating six-fold average returns-on-investment for every $1 spent across the network, and driving purchases of items ranging from $40 apparel to a $10,000 couch. Mobile Marketing Conference […]

Oct 29, 2015

This year was a tipping point for Taboola, with over half of our revenues now coming from mobile devices. Consumers around the world are spending more time on their smartphones, and in many emerging markets, these smaller screens are the only way that people access the web, presenting both new challenges and opportunities for our publisher and brand partners. While Taboola’s product team has always been focused on creating multi-platform solutions, we’ve also realized the importance of reaching consumers within native mobile app experiences (see our recent work with AP Mobile). Online user behavior varies extensively across the web — depending on context, device type, referral source, and more — and people immersed within mobile apps have proven to be particularly engaged, which makes these partnerships so valuable. Today, I’m excited to announce that Taboola has teamed up with InMobi, one of the world’s largest mobile advertising platforms. InMobi operates […]

Oct 26, 2015

In December of 2013, Taboola officially opened an office in Bangkok, Thailand with a mission to expand content discovery throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Almost 2 years later, we’ve had quite an exciting journey (see some of our recent partnerships with Baidu and Yahoo! Japan), and in our work with many local brands and publishers, it’s become clear just how big of a transformation is currently underway. With so many people in Thailand gaining access to the Internet for the first time, the opportunity for marketers to connect with new audiences is real and growing exponentially. Earlier this week, we announced our exclusive partnership with Thailand’s oldest native-language newspaper: Thairath. Taboola’s personalized content recommendations will be implemented across Thairath’s desktop and mobile websites, increasing audience engagement as well as creating meaningful new revenue streams. Site visitors will have the power to discover content from Thairath’s site, as well as Thai-language sponsored […]

Oct 26, 2015

Mobile needs to be a core part of every publisher’s strategy. Across the entire Taboola network, publishers are seeing more than half their traffic from smartphones and tablets— up from an average of 25% at the beginning of last year. While a responsive web design should be par for the course at this point, it is not enough of a strategy to ensure the satisfaction of your smartphone and tablet readers. Mobile traffic is fundamentally different from desktop traffic in that it is more likely to come from social media and to be accessing your site from a slower internet connection. As a result, these users exhibit different behaviors and have different needs that should be met if you are going to keep them engaged with your content. Earlier this year, we shared a collection of 7 tips for optimizing your mobile monetization strategy. Today, we’re sharing 4 new optimization […]

Oct 21, 2015

Programmatic sale of video advertising today is structured in a way that encourages a highly problematic form of “arbitrage.” Here is how it works: In display advertising, when you win an RTB auction, you commit to paying a price for that impression. That’s because display was built on a simple premise: You put in a bid for an ad for $3, and if you win it, then you pay for it. The only notion of “changing your mind” would be through a “passback tag,” which allows publishers to receive network or remnant tags to fill inventory when their primary ad network doesn’t have an ad to serve that meets the floor CPM. Passback tags in display were not efficient and often led to both a loss of impressions and an increased page load time with 9-12 server redirects for every ad call. Rather than doing away with display’s passback inefficiencies […]

Oct 19, 2015

Last week, Taboolars were busy attending industry events around the globe, from New York City to Mexico City and London. Below is a brief recap of each event, along with photos and a special video (in French) with coverage from September’s Paris Retail Week 2015. Ad: Tech 2015 (London) As data, content, and technology merge closer than they ever have before, this year’s Ad:Tech conference in London brought together leading experts from advertising and technology sectors to discuss the challenges, trends, and opportunities facing the marketing industry as a whole. Over 300 brands, agencies and media owners were present for compelling keynotes and panel discussions. Taboola was on hand at Stand #314 with the ever-so-popular Zoltar to help engage visitors and predict the future. The classic animatronic fortune teller machine found in arcades became famous in the 1988 film, Big, starring Tom Hanks, and remains an iconic piece of movie history today. Content Rising […]

Oct 14, 2015

If you live in Europe, you probably already know that Euronews is the continent’s most-watched television news channel, as well as one of the most popular multilingual global news sites in the region. What you may not realize is that Euronews also boasts a major online video presence. Last year, the publisher announced a record 13.6 million unique visitors on YouTube, and today that presence spans over 30 YouTube channels and 900,000 total subscribers. Building on this success, Euronews is now looking to expand its video viewership beyond YouTube, developing new audiences on its owned and operated digital properties. Today, I’m very excited to announce that Taboola has teamed up with Euronews to boost efforts around accomplishing this mission, leveraging our personalized content recommendations to increase on-site video engagement and monetization efforts, across desktop and mobile. Taboola’s predictive technology has long been rooted video, which is the first content format […]

Oct 13, 2015

Sports fans are some of the most voracious consumers of digital content on the web today. Nielsen’s “Year in Sports Media Report,” published earlier this year, found that fans consume close to eight hours of sports-related content each week. These habits are particularly pronounced on mobile, where fans use sports-related apps twice as much as the average user, and time spent in such apps have jumped 210% in the last year (according to data from eMarketer/Flurry). With such an engaged audience, the sports industry provides an interesting lens through which to view many of the ongoing trends in the digital media space. To learn more about how some of the industry’s leading companies approach these topics, we hosted our latest Taboola Talks on “Tackling Sports in the Digital Era: How Technology is Changing the Game.” Joining us for a special panel discussion was Troy Ewanchyna, Vice President and GM of […]

Oct 12, 2015

Last week, Taboolars were on-site at industry events across both sides of the Atlantic, in New York City and Barcelona, Spain. Below is a quick recap of each event, along with photos and relevant discussion that each event inspired on social media. Argyle Forum: 2015 Leadership in Digital Marketing (New York) Taboola’s SVP of Business Development, Paul Jelinek, was one of a select group of marketing executives chosen to speak at Argyle Executive Forum’s 2015 Leadership in Digital Marketing conference. The forum’s many sessions addressed a range of marketing topics, including mobile marketing, omnichannel strategy, and Buyer 2.0: the B2B customer. Paul joined a panel of executives from MasterCard, Dunkin’ Brands, Elizabeth Arden and Barneys New York to discuss “Building Stronger Engagement With Storytelling and Discovery.” Throughout the session, he emphasized the fact that almost every brand in today’s environment is looking at content marketing, but such strategies can’t be […]

Oct 9, 2015

It’s well-known, that the competition to reach audiences in the digital universe is fierce. How do you make the most out of your limited advertising in a competitive traffic acquisition space? The answer is simple: get people to share your content. Build “buzz” into your PR, promotions, and distribution strategy. Let’s start with some simple math. If you pay a content recommendation company $300,000 to distribute a series of articles you’ve created to a group of 1 million people, you are paying $0.30 for every person you expose your video to. But if an additional 500,000 people see the video after it’s embedded in a blogpost on BuzzFeed and shared by your customers on Facebook, your cost-per-viewer decreases. The bottom line is that you need an integrated content promotion strategy: you need a healthy mix of organic and paid traffic, which comes from building trust with your target audience. But […]

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