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26 May 2022

Their headquarters in Hungary will become a new research and development hub for Taboola.

18 May 2022

We’ve combed through Skimlink’s publisher data, check out to see the trends for April 2022.

16 March 2022

You’ve heard the saying that “content is king.” But in the advertising world, context is the new king.

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27 June 2022

Check out Taboola’s back-to-school marketing guide for publishers and advertisers in the Fashion vertical. Learn all about last year’s product and content trends, what’s in store for this year, and more.

24 June 2022

The United States Supreme Court has overturned the 1973 landmark Roe v. Wade decision. See how readership has risen since.

23 June 2022

It’s time to prep your back-to-school campaigns. Check out strategies that will take you to the head of the class!

17 June 2022

It’s no secret that most audiences no longer trust traditional forms of advertising. That’s why native ads are a better way to reach your target audience. Native advertising consists of ads that blend seamlessly into content, and the data shows they work.

17 June 2022

This Pride Month, the question is: How can brands make a real impact with their Pride Month efforts and avoid becoming another PR blunder?

14 June 2022

Amazon Prime Day 2022 is expected to be bigger than ever as consumers seek out back-to-school sales and discounts on hot-ticket tech products.

24 May 2022

Did you know May is Mental Health Awareness Month? Join Taboola to help increase awareness about mental health and wellness.

19 May 2022

With Father’s day coming around, take a look at these marketing strategies that will help your father’s day campaigns.

11 May 2022

Three Taboola women have been nominated for the Women Leading Change Awards, nominees include outstanding APAC women who lead, inspire, and motivate greatness.

6 May 2022

Taboola’s CEO and Founder, Adam Singolda, sat down with Christian Broughton, the Managing Director of The Independent, to hear how they make strategic editorial decisions using data-driven insights.

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