3 Top Affiliate Marketing Products of 2020

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The e-commerce market has grown rapidly over the last few years and is projected to hit $6.54 trillion US dollars in 2022.

Statista - e-commerce market growth

Now is the time to strike and start making money through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing allows publishers, small businesses, and independent bloggers to monetize their content and turn their traffic into a revenue stream. Affiliate marketers promote a merchant’s goods and services with a unique affiliate link and earn a commission on the sales or leads they generate.

Affiliate Marketing Model

Becoming a successful affiliate marketer is all about understanding your audience’s needs and offering them products that fill those needs. If your blog is about technology, there’d be little point in trying to sell dog supplies to your readers.

Finding the best affiliate products to promote and knowing which affiliate marketing programs to join can feel overwhelming when you’re getting started. This article will guide you through the process so you can maximize your effort.

What are the Best Affiliate Products to Sell?

The best affiliate products to sell and promote are the ones that will resonate with your audience, bring you the most sales, and generate the highest income.

You can select products from a few different niches as long as the connection is logical. Let’s say you’re a lifestyle blogger with a predominately female audience. Beauty products would be a good fit, but they tend to have low commission rates. Financial products have higher commissions.

Since women control two-thirds of global household spending, it could be a complementary niche for you and women need your advice according to the research.

control of consumer spending model

Here’s a look at some of the best affiliate marketing products.

1. Financial Products

lifelock - financial products

Financial products are always in high demand because consumers are constantly looking for ways to save money and spend smarter.

This wide-ranging niche includes credit cards, insurance policies, mortgages, loans, and financial protection products like LifeLockAffiliate marketing of financial products is worthwhile as some commissions exceed $100 per sale.

2. Dating Products

CougarLife - dating products

For singles, swiping left or right has become a daily task as they search for that special someone. Yet people are searching—over 40 million Americans use online dating products!

Unlike fashion or tech products that can become outdated, dating is an evergreen topic. All of the time you invest in developing content will pay off for years to come.

You could promote top dating sites like Match.com or join a niche dating program like CougarLife, which pays a substantial 80% commission per sale.

3. Real Estate Products

Real Estate Products - Real Estate Express

Considering that 50% of buyers found their homes online, joining affiliate real estate programs can be financially lucrative.

Although this is a competitive affiliate marketing niche, there’s plenty to go around, and many programs have high commission rates. Potential home buyers need advice throughout the entire process.

Take advantage of that by recommending reputable real estate firms, banks with favorable mortgage terms, and homeowners’ insurance such as Real Estate Express.

3 Places to Find the Best Affiliate Marketing Products

You’ll want to join a few affiliate marketing programs to find the highest paying affiliate products that align with your niche.

Investigate each program to determine which ones offer the best products, commissions, and payout structures. Although there are thousands to choose from, below are three that have excellent reputations.


ShareASale - affilate program

ShareASale is home to over 3,900 merchants, with 1,000 exclusive merchants. You’ll have access to brands ranging from Wayfair to the NFL Shop to WP Engine, which pays a whopping $200 per sale.

The user-friendly interface allows you to filter through merchants based on different criteria, which is vital since each sets its own marketing model (pay-per-lead or pay-per-sale), commission rate, and cookie duration.

Top platform benefits:

  • Reliable and trustworthy platform
  • Great search filters
  • Partner network includes many large brand names


Awin - affilate program

Awin gives you access to 13,000+ merchants that are active in 11 countries. The platform is heavily geared towards financial, fashion, home, and travel brands, including industry giants such as Etsy, HP, Hyatt, and XE.

What sets Awin apart is its Opportunity Marketplace, which lets you pitch merchants with unique opportunities like sponsored content.

A WordPress plugin or Google Chrome extension makes it easy to create your affiliate links.

Top platform benefits:

  • Pays twice per month
  • Robust tools to help affiliate marketers
  • Minimum payout of $20

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates - affiliate program

Amazon is the largest retail e-commerce company with a market share of 38.7%. It’s stellar reputation benefits anyone who is part of its affiliate network, Amazon Associates.

The program uses a flat-rate commissions structure with commissions ranging from 1%-10% depending on the product’s category. The cookie only lasts for 24 hours, but if a user adds any item to their cart, you’ll get a 90-day cookie for that item.

Top platform benefits:

  • The payout threshold is only $10
  • Millions of products
  • Universal cookie gives you a commission on every item someone buys within 24 hours

How to Choose a Product for Affiliate Marketing?

When deciding which affiliate products you want to promote, consider your blog’s niche and what types of items are most attractive to your readers. Ask yourself these questions to determine if the product is right for your audience:

  • Would I want to buy this product?
  • Does this product appeal to my followers?
  • How competitive is the market for this product?
  • Does the merchant pay per lead or per sale?
  • Can I earn a recurring commission, or is there an upsell opportunity?

Final Thoughts

While finding great products and joining the best affiliate marketing programs are essential steps, you also need to consider how you will generate traffic.

Leveraging your current readers and sharing your content on social media are the right first steps. However, implementing multiple marketing strategies will attract more consumers and increase your sales.

Using native advertising for affiliate product promotions will deliver in spades, especially considering that 90% of millennials, Gen Z, and Gen X prefer to discover new products through this format.

native ads attract 53% more attention and increase purchase intent by 18%

Additionally, native ads attract 53% more attention and increase purchase intent by 18%. If you have a budget to invest in paid advertising, native ads provide the best return on investment (ROI) hands down.

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