Best Native Advertising Examples of 2020

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It’s no secret that most audiences no longer trust traditional forms of advertising. That’s why native ads are a better way to reach your target audience. Native advertising consists of ads that blend seamlessly into content, and the data shows they work.

The latest native advertising statistics confirm that native ads are more engaging and trustworthy. Plus, they generate more clicks and sales than other forms of advertising. Native display ads have a click-through rate (CTR) that’s 8.8 times higher than regular display ads.

Native ads click through rate by brand category

As well as using native ads in your web content, you can do mobile and video native advertising campaigns. But how do you decide what a good native ad campaign looks like? Here we share ten successful native advertising examples to inspire you.

9 Native Advertising Examples For 2020

These native ad examples span a range of niches and content types. Get the inside scoop on what these companies did to achieve great results using native campaigns.

1. adidas and MediaCom 

Adidas, a leading global sportswear manufacturer, is a household name in Israel. With the challenge of highlighting their BOOST technology and separating it from the brand’s ubiquity, adidas turned to global agency MediaCom.

MediaCom utilized Taboola Studio to create striking video content on behalf of adidas, designed to educate and inform on the BOOST technology, and ultimately drive interest and purchases of BOOST footwear.

adidas and MediaCom native advertising example

With Taboola, MediaCom was able to uplift CTR (click-through rate) by 50%, increase awareness, and drive sales. The product shown in the video became a best-seller. See full case study here.

2. Beko and Ingage Media

Ingage Media provides digital marketing services to its clients in different sectors with a team of digital strategy and digital asset management experts. In the case of their client Beko, a global appliance brand under the company Arçelik A.Ş., they were looking to drive traffic to a specific product––the new and innovative Dem Tea Machine.

To drive high-quality traffic and try to engage with new users, Ingage Media turned to Taboola sponsored content, and ended up increasing Beko’s vCTR and new traffic to their site.

Beko and Ingage Media native advertising example

Ingage Media and Beko saw a 75% higher vCTR (viewable click-through rate), and high rate of first-time visitors discovering Beko’s products. See full case study here.

3. Velasca

Velasca is a disruptor in the fashion industry, creating handcrafted, high quality men’s footwear in Italy, and selling to a global audience with a digital-first mindset.

As Velasca developed their digital marketing strategy, they knew they wanted to constantly be finding new and innovative ways to reach their ideal customers in trusted, credible places online where people consume content. For this, Taboola was the perfect solution.

Velasca native advertising example

Throughout the course of their native advertising campaign, Velasca saw a 15% decrease in CPA and a 25% increase in quality leads generated. See full case study here.

4. Square Yards

Square Yards, a technology-enabled real estate brokerage, lands as India’s largest player for primary real estate. They promote properties in the Gulf region, Canada, Australia, and India.

With specific objectives of generating new leads in the Gulf region, Square Yards turned to Taboola to work on sponsored content and dive into targeting techniques that would land them the high quality leads and conversions they were after.

Square Yards native advertising example

With Taboola, Square Yards experienced a 15% higher conversion rate than other marketing channels, and generated 50,000 leads. See full case study here.

5. Vodafone

A part of the Vodafone Group, which operates as one of the world’s foremost telecommunication companies, Vodafone Turkey offers total telco technologies including fixed, mobile, and content services, to consumers and enterprises with the vision of being a pioneering operator of digitalization. Vodafone Turkey serves 24.1 million mobile and over 1 million fixed broadband customers.

To present their service offerings to consumers in ways that were creative, effective, and efficient, Vodafone Turkey began running campaigns on Taboola, and found they were able to deploy high-quality creatives and efficiently increase sales.

Vodafone native advertising example

With Taboola, Vodafone was able to decrease their cost per sale by 42% (MoM), with 11% of display channel sales. See full case study here.

6. 360 Realtors 

360 Realtors is the largest real estate consulting company in India whose team of experts aim to alleviate the pain points associated with purchasing a property and provide support throughout the entire process.

Prior to working with Taboola, 360 Realtors felt limited in the ability to refine and optimize campaigns. Taboola gave 360 Realtors the resources they needed to broaden their impact for the homebuyer audience searching for their ideal residence online.

360 Realtors native advertising example

With Taboola, 360 Realtors saw a 100% increase in traffic and a 48% increase in leads generated. See full case study here.

7. Renault 

Renault is a global brand within the French car manufacturer Groupe Renault, with a presence in 134 countries. To keep up with changing technological advances and to pursue a strategy of profitable growth, the group relies on its international development and the complementary nature of its five brands (Renault, Dacia, Renault Samsung Motors, Alpine and LADA) to meet the needs of customers in different markets.

For the team at Renault, the challenge is huge in the AMI Pacific region, which covers Africa, the Middle East, India, Australia and South Korea. Renault is always looking to build a reputation in markets often preempted by local manufacturers.

In August 2019, Renault launched the comfortable, practical and spacious Renault Triber, a vehicle halfway between an SUV and a minivan. The launch of the Renault Triber was supported by a 360° communication campaign, integrating Taboola Video during the amplification phase. See full case study here. 

Renault native advertising example

Renault’s Taboola Video received 3 million impressions in one month during the first wave of the campaign, with 1 million completed views and an average view-through rate (VTR) of 33%. During the second wave, the video saw 1.3 million impressions in one month, including 550,000 completed views, and an average VTR of 40%. See full case study here.

8. 99 Acres

99Acres handles all aspects of consumers’ real estate needs from advertising a property, to searching for one, and even to building property microsites, making them the go-to real estate portal in India.

Given 99Acres’ prominence in India’s real estate industry, it’s no surprise that they have been turning to a variety of channels to generate leads.

Faced with the challenge of bringing in more quality traffic than that which they were seeing from Facebook and Google, 99Acres turned to Taboola.

99 Acres native advertising example

By taking a two-pronged approach to targeting with Taboola, 99Acres saw a 4% lead volume increase per day. See full case study here.

9. American Comfort 

American Comfort is a furniture company that specializes in using the highest quality materials and the most advanced technology to create the perfect comfort experience.

To raise awareness and sales of a new product, American Comfort utilized Taboola video and sponsored content.

American Comfort native advertising example

With Taboola, American Comfort drove brand awareness using in-feed vertical video. In addition to driving brand awareness, American Comfort was surprised to find that Taboola’s non-disruptive video experience was able to generate high quality leads, sales calls, and 130,000+ completed video views in just one month. See full case study here.

That’s it! In this guide we’ve shared some native advertising examples for 2020, and there’s only more to come. You’ve seen how other companies have handled their native advertising strategies. Now, it’s over to you to get started with Taboola’s native advertising

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