10 Successful Native Advertising Examples to Reach Your Target Audience

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It’s no secret that most audiences no longer trust traditional forms of advertising. That’s why native ads are a better way to reach your target audience. Native advertising consists of ads that blend seamlessly into content, and the data shows they work.

The latest native advertising statistics confirm that native ads are more engaging and trustworthy. Plus, they generate more clicks and sales than other forms of advertising. Native display ads have a click-through rate (CTR) that’s 8.8 times higher than regular display ads.

native ads statistics

As well as using native ads in your web content, you can do mobile and video native advertising campaigns. But how do you decide what a good native ad campaign looks like? Here we share ten successful native advertising examples to inspire you.

10 Native Advertising Examples For 2019

These native ad examples span a range of niches and content types. Get the inside scoop on what these companies did to achieve great results using native campaigns.

1. eSalon

As the only beauty brand providing custom-blended hair color for home use, eSalon has a specific niche market. The company used the Taboola Data Marketplace to hone in on the right audience. Taboola Data Marketplace makes third-party data within the Taboola platform from leaders in the space available to advertisers.

At the same time, eSalon created long-form content to explain the product, the concept and the need. Within their long-form content was a personalized survey, adding an engaging layer of gamification to their campaign. eSalon’s native ad campaigns led potential customers to that organic content, with headlines such as, “The Best Kept Secret in Coloring Gray Hair.”

eSalon Ads Campaign

Over the course of the campaign, CTR increased by 53% and eSalon acquired tens of thousands of new customers. Its customer base is now more than 15 times larger than it was before it ran the native ad campaign.

2. ContaAzul

ContaAzul, a Brazilian financial and small business management startup, aimed to guide entrepreneurs and generate leads with targeted content. But its content wasn’t reaching the right people. Its previous solution either generated website visits or bought in a few leads, but not both.

That changed when ContaAzul began running native discovery campaigns with Taboola. Taboola’s predictive technology and audience data allowed the company to reach the right people with the right content at the right time. With more accurate targeting, the educational content created by ContaAzul was able to reach the audience most likely to want to read and engage with it.

ContaAzul native discovery campaigns

As a result, ContaAzul reached its target audience of entrepreneurs when they were most open to getting new information. The company got 40% more new users than it did via other promotional channels, boosted monthly traffic by 10%, and got 15% more qualified leads.

3. Blinkist

The Blinkist app distills insights from more than 2,000 non-fiction books into packs that an entrepreneur or small business owner can consume in about 15 minutes.

The company had two goals with its native ad campaigns. First, scale up its customer acquisition efforts. Second, establish Blinkist Magazine as a valuable resource for personal development content. This is now one of our most successful native advertising examples.

Blinkist target people who love to read

Blinkist combined Taboola’s S2S integration with content discovery campaigns to target content at people who already loved reading. The results were phenomenal: 60,000+ new signups within a six-month period.

4. Bombfell

It’s not always easy for a niche service to scale, but that’s what Bombfell wanted to do. Bombfell runs a personal styling service for men, shipping clothing to try on at home based on their style.

The company used Taboola to run performance-based marketing campaigns to drive targeted traffic to its homepage. This was hugely successful, resulting in a 48% increase in web traffic, and a 960% rise in mobile conversions.

Bombfell run performance-based campaigns

After that, Bombfell created content for its core customers, and used native advertising to drive traffic to that content. The company used Taboola to diversify its content strategy with great results.

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5. Imagination

Here’s an interesting native ads example. Imagination, a Chicago-based content marketing agency, wanted to use discovery campaigns to improve ROI for its clients running content marketing campaigns.

For one financial services client, the company used a content catalog of 40 articles offering basic financial advice. Imagination spent $30,000 to generate more than 300 million impressions and 328,000 clicks.

Imagination promoting relevant content library

Imagination also increased traffic to a senior living website by 150% by promoting a library of relevant content to carefully chosen audiences in the target demographic.

6. AM:PM

This native ads example shows that even highly specialized niches can use native campaigns effectively. AM:PM wanted to run a targeted promotion to reach potential customers in the Tel Aviv area. The company created a series of branded videos advertising goods that were on sale for a specified period.

AM:PM run promotion in Tel Aviv area

To increase brand awareness, the company distributed the series via Taboola discovery campaigns. This exceeded its goals, with a completion rate of 40%+ for in-feed videos.

7. Goodgame Studios

Goodgame Studios is a German games development company specializing in free-to-play online games. It has more than 300 million registered users around the globe.

Goodgame had two goals: to better engage existing users and to find new quality users. As part of this, the company experimented with headlines aimed at attracting new users to a registration page. Goodgame used Taboola Data Marketplace to better hone in on the right audience.

Goodgame runs ads with Taboola

In addition, the company took advantage of Taboola’s stock images to quickly come up with creatives that drove traffic to its mobile games. The result: the number of players tripled, and Goodgame met its goals for ROI.

8. Eargo

Eargo sells invisible, comfortable, rechargeable hearing aids direct-to-consumers online. The company wanted to reach those interested in hearing health and with mild or moderate hearing loss, while meeting a target cost per lead (CPL).

Eargo's native advertising campaigns

Eargo used Taboola’s performance marketing capabilities to identify its audience precisely. Then the company ran native advertising campaigns using interest targeting and targeting by publisher.

The aim was to drive traffic to the home page and specific product pages where that traffic could convert to leads. The result was a 30% decrease in CPA and a 35% rise in purchase conversion rate.

9. SolarQuotes

SolarQuotes helps Australian consumers make informed decisions about solar energy, and it connects them with the right suppliers once they make that decision. The company wanted to scale and diversify customer acquisition by increasing traffic to its blog.

SolarQuotes attract Australians with Taboola

It used the Taboola discovery platform to publish content on sites both within and beyond Australia, promoting informative blog posts with a range of headlines and creatives. This approach helped SolarQuotes attract Australians who were looking for information about solar on non-Australian sites, and it doubled the company’s site traffic.

10. Secret Escapes

Secret Escapes, a UK-based luxury international travel company, wanted to increase CTR, conversions and membership sign-ups. Before running native ads, the company created articles for its website describing travel escapes and adventures. Each piece of content led to a sign-up page where travelers could get further details about available deals.

Then, Secret Escapes promoted that content via native discovery campaigns. Content headlines sold the ideal of bargain luxury.

Secret Escapes increased CTR with Native Ads

Like many native advertising examples, Secret Escapes’ strategy evolved over time. When initial trials showed greater engagement on the desktop, the company made further optimizations, engineering a triple-digit increase in CTR, and gaining 600 bookings for overnight stays.

That’s it! In this guide we’ve shared some native advertising examples for 2019 and beyond. You’ve seen how other companies have handled their native advertising strategies. Now, it’s over to you to get started with Taboola’s native advertising.

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