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Everyone wants to find love, and online dating is one of the top ways people meet potential partners. With some 40 million Americans turning to online dating and more than 1,500 dating apps and sites ready to help people connect, online dating is a profitable niche for affiliate marketing specialists.

40% of americans use online dating

Affiliate marketers can earn a substantial income by promoting dating products as they offer high conversion rates and commissions. This article will highlight the top paying affiliate dating programs and the top-performing marketing strategies you should use.

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Dating Affiliate Programs

1. CougarLife Dating Affiliate Program

2. Match Dating Affiliate Program

3. Cupid Media Dating Affiliate Program

4. eHarmony Dating Affiliate Program

5. SilverSingles Dating Affiliate Program

These top affiliate programs are listed in order from the highest paying commission rates to the lowest. Selecting the best programs to promote boils down to two factors: the amount you can earn and the unique benefits each program offers.


CougarLife affiliate program

How the Program Works

Once approved, you’ll have access to a broad set of marketing creatives for display banners, search and social PPC campaigns, and more. Because the cost of a monthly subscription is high, you’ll earn high commissions.

The Sign Up Process

Sign up on the company site by completing a simple form with questions about your traffic sources and volume.

Highlights of Using the Program

CougarLife offers high commissions and a mobile-friendly interface. Support is available 24/7.

  • Commission rate: 80%
  • Average commission (per sale): $32 commission per 1-month subscription
  • EPC (earnings per hundred clicks): Unknown
  • Cookie duration: 30 days affiliate program

How the Program Works

With 30 million visits per month, Match is the most popular dating site. The 3-month minimum subscription plan delivers high commissions. You’ll get special discount codes to help generate more leads and can earn up to 25% more if you’re a top affiliate.

The Sign Up Process

You can join the affiliate program through Commission Junction or Rakuten Advertising.

Highlights of Using the Program

Match offers extra bonuses based on performance and has a dedicated marketing team ready to help you.

  • Commission rate: 75%
  • Average commission (per sale): $42 per 3-month subscription
  • EPC (earnings per hundred clicks): $18/3 months
  • Cookie duration: 120

Cupid Media

Cupid Media affiliate program

How the Program Works

Cupid Media allows anyone to join its program and provides affiliates with banners and text links to use in their marketing. It offers 35 different niche dating sites that cater to 35 million customers.

The Sign Up Process

Sign up on the company’s site, and within 48 hours, a representative will be in touch with you. approved.

Highlights of Using the Program

You earn commissions when people sign up for a free account, and the support team is very responsive.

  • Commission rate: 75%
  • Average commission (per sale): $19.50 per 1-month subscription
  • EPC (earnings per hundred clicks): Unknown
  • Cookie duration: 30 days


eHarmony affiliate program

How the Program Works

eHarmony is easy to promote because it’s ranked as the most trusted dating site. After approval, you’ll have access to regularly updated advertising materials and special offers. The company views affiliates as long-term partners, so it’s ready to help you succeed.

The Sign Up Process

Sign up for the program through Commission Junction.

Highlights of Using the Program

It’s easy to promote, gives special offers for affiliates, and has plenty of high-performing creatives.

  • Commission rate: 20%
  • Average commission (per sale): $34 for 3-month subscription
  • EPC (earnings per hundred clicks): $82/3 months
  • Cookie duration: 45 days


SilverSingles affiliate program

How the Program Works

SilverSingles different than the other programs because they pay per lead. The advantage is that you get a steady commission regardless of the length of the user’s subscription. The site is for professionals over 50 years old, so this program is a winner if that’s your target demographic.

The Sign Up Process

Go to CJ Affiliates to sign up.

Highlights of Using the Program

SilverSingles offers a pay-per-lead commission and gives affiliates high-converting creates to use.

  • Commission rate: $7
  • Average commission (per sale): $7 per completed sign up
  • EPC (earnings per hundred clicks): 45
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

Why Dating Affiliate Programs

Online dating is one of the most profitable niches for making money. It’s an evergreen market because finding love is a primal human desire. Those looking for a partner will go online and search for the best dating apps, dating tips, lists of conversation starters… you get the point. Provide them with that content and you’ll set yourself up for success.

Find trending topics using Google Trends.

Dating Affiliate Programs is a profitable niche

Consider focusing on a sub-niche based on lifestyle factors as there is a lot of competition in this sector.

How to Market Dating Affiliate Programs

After choosing the affiliate dating programs you want to promote, the next step is to create and implement your marketing plan. Use a mix of tried and tested digital marketing promotion strategies to ensure that you attract users who will convert.

Content Marketing

As an affiliate marketer, you need to have a blog to host all of the content you create – articles, videos, podcast recordings, etc. Top performing content is often about product reviews, top ten lists, and how-to articles, but the specific topics you choose should reflect your audiences’ interests. Make sure you optimize content so it’s discoverable and test your headlines to find the ones with the highest CTRs.

Title Analyzer

User Testimonials

People are inspired by successful users’ love stories, and 92% of people read testimonials when considering a purchase. Let testimonials do the heavy lifting for you by adding them to blog posts and landing pages.

User Testimonials

Social Media

Since dating is social and 83.36% of internet users active on social media, promoting your content across these platforms means you can reach a vast audience. TikTok and Instagram are ideal for younger daters, while older adults are on Facebook. It also pays to think beyond the big players and explore platforms such as Quora and Reddit. Catching a user’s eye is all about choosing the right images so do it carefully.Social Media

Run Campaigns

Paid campaigns are an excellent advertising option, allowing you to attract highly targeted, high-quality traffic. You can generate plenty of clicks with a combination of search and display campaigns plus retargeting ads launched on social media platforms.

Given that users pay 53% more attention to native advertising, running PPC campaigns on Taboola is a smart way to use your advertising budget. Your promotion will be displayed across its global network of premium publisher sites with millions of readers.

run native advertising campaigns


Now you have all the information and tools to help you become a dating affiliate marketing master. Dating and the quest to find love will always be a top priority for people, so focusing on this market is an excellent short and long-term strategy. Because so many of the top dating sites already invest in their own marketing, they already drum up a lot of interest, making your job of converting users and earning your commission much easier.

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