Are you looking to launch a unique brand, gain leads, or entice people to click links on your blog? No matter what goals you have to promote your brand, performance marketing is a surefire way to get the measurable results you desire.

The Evolution of Marketing

Affiliate marketing is probably the term you’ve heard most, but as the marketing world continues to evolve, so does the terminology. With the growing relevance of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns across all channels, affiliate marketing has become merely a subset of a broader, all-encompassing genre, coined performance marketing.

Performance marketing has made its way into merchandising and retail lingo as a catch-all term that describes the use of online marketing and advertising tactics to sell a product or service in the form of a lead, sale, click, conversion, download, etc.

Why is Performance Marketing so Important?

Prepaid advertising is no longer the most reliable strategy because there is no guarantee that it will be effective. You end up wasting more time and money with little to no ROI.

The beauty of performance marketing is that it is based solely on accomplishing measurable results. This means that you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for. It allows for more efficient tracking, which will enable you to closely monitor and better optimize your campaigns.

Reach Your Goals

As we mentioned before, performance marketing consists of different subgenres that focus on intertwining elements that help scale your business. When executed correctly, they can have a powerful impact on the growth of your audience and profit.

Here are a few types of freelancers you can hire to create and manage your performance-based campaigns across several channels.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is a small but effective performance marketing channel usually measured by CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per impression). You see them all the time at the bottom of web pages and are quick ways to monetize your website.

Hire a skilled web banner designer to create eye-catching web banner ads to entice customers to click through to your website or blog and skyrocket web traffic and growth.

Native Advertising

Native advertising targets a more specific audience via promoted search results and sponsored social media posts. They have a CTR (click-through rate) 8.8X greater than display ads. Native ads are more valuable because they provide a more personal and relatable feeling and can be found where your customers are already searching.

Content discovery campaigns create a cohesive experience for customers to discover content that most aligns with their interests. Fiverr’s social media experts can help you strategize the best way to create native ads that align with your customer’s interests and promote your content.

Sponsored Content

If you’re looking to dive even deeper into native advertising, hire a content writer to produce meaningful and educational sponsored editorial content. Promote that content on top editorial sites around the web to have your articles distributed to new customers looking for valuable information that is useful to them. This will help you build out a more extensive customer network and grow your audience even further.

Affiliate Marketing

A very popular way to grow your brand’s awareness somewhat passively is by partnering with third-party advertisers to gain traffic and exposure. Essentially, anyone running a website can become an affiliate. Hire one of Fiverr’s freelance affiliate marketers or social media influencers to add your products or advertise your service on their website and social media.

Affiliate marketing is win-win for both sides! Affiliates earn a commission based on sales, and you’ll basically get free advertising out of the deal while also heightening your brand’s reputation within your industry.

Search Engine Marketing

Google Adwords has famously optimized the way we use search engines to focus on keywords relevant to your industry, product, or brand. SEO can get pretty complicated but is essential to your ranking in search results. If you don’t utilize the best search engine marketing practices, it will be a pretty bumpy road to success.

Hire an SEO expert to help you set up and manage your search engine marketing efforts to gain the most exposure possible based on cost per clicks. You won’t regret shelling out the cash once you see your website on the top of the search results page.

Let Fiverr Help You up the Ante.

Carrying out successful performance marketing campaigns can be very time-consuming and hiring an outside agency to do it is often pricey. Let Fiverr’s growing team of professional marketers step in to help alleviate some of this burden without breaking the bank. Hire a Fiverr freelancer today!

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