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According to Google Trends, interest in affiliate marketing was has stayed relatively consistent, but has experienced a significant spike since 2020, in line with online shopping trends. Today, now that more consumers are shopping online, it makes sense that more website owners and bloggers are interested in high ticket affiliate products to offer their audience.

To help, we have compiled a selection of high ticket affiliate programs, ones that have some of the highest payouts in their respective industries.

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What are High Ticket (highest paying) Affiliate Programs?

With high ticket affiliate programs, publishers will typically spend less time trying to promote a wide range of products. Instead, they focus their energy on a few affiliate products that generate higher than average commissions.

For example, publishers who are making money with popular affiliate programs like Skimlinks, a Taboola company, can promote an almost limitless inventory of products. Commissions are based on the category of product someone buys when they click on your affiliate link and are set by the merchants. The major benefit of using Skimlinks’ affiliate program is that the company negotiates exclusive commission rates which are often 2x the usual rate.

With a high ticket affiliate program like Keap, publishers can promote CRM, marketing automation, and sales software. Keap will pay you up to $250 for anyone that signs up using your affiliate link. If you can get two signups per month for their high ticket products, you can add an additional $6,000 of affiliate marketing income to your annual revenue stream.

Other high ticket affiliate programs like Kajabi offer recurring commissions. When someone signs up for a subscription plan for Kajabi’s all-in-one online business platform, you will receive 30% commission ($35 – $199) for each month that they stay a customer. In this scenario, if you can get three people to purchase one of their larger plans for a year, you can add an additional $7,100 ($199 x 3 customers = $597 per month x 12 months) of affiliate marketing income to your annual revenue stream.

How to Increase Profits from High Ticket Affiliate Products

You’ve already invested time building up your audience, so it only makes sense to put as much time and thought into how you can boost your sales and profits. When selecting the high ticket products you want to promote, look carefully at the payment structure.

You’ll earn a steadier income from affiliate products that have low churn rates and pay recurring monthly commissions. Products that offer add-ons or upsell opportunities can generate higher commissions if the pay structure is a percentage of the total sale. Second-tier commission structures, which pay you each time an affiliate you signed up makes their own sale, create additional revenue without any extra work on your part.

The approach and strategy you use to sell your affiliate products to your audience can make all the difference. Always use or experience any product you promote beforehand so you can highlight its best features with confidence and provide a tried-and-tested review.

Speaking of reviews, consumers love them, especially comparison reviews and video reviews that demonstrate how to best use the product. It’s essential to be positive about the products you mention but acknowledging any flaws is important as everyone knows no product is absolutely perfect. A balanced and honest review will help curry favor and trust with your audience, naturally increasing your profits and reputation.

If you’re going to promote your affiliate links in various ways, such as banner ads, native ads, email marketing, social media, or elsewhere, it’s critical to use source-specific tracking links. Having a different tracking link for each promotion medium will help you identify which sources generate the most clicks and conversions. Then put your time and effort towards the sources and audiences that deliver the best results.

Now, let’s dive into where you can find those high-ticket affiliate products

Where Can I Find High Ticket Affiliate Products?

In addition to Keap and Kajabi, mentioned earlier, the following are high ticket affiliate products that you can promote to increase your affiliate marketing revenue.

#1 Skimlinks

Commission Rate: Varies depending on the merchant. Affiliates earn 75% of the commission, while Skimlinks takes 25% and 35% of anything sub-affiliates make during their first year.

Pricing: Skimlinks gives access to 25,000+ merchants and their products, which can cost a few dollars or thousands

Cookie Duration: Usually 30 days but can vary by merchant 


  • Accepts new bloggers and publishers with minimal traffic
  • Exclusive contracts with merchants, so commissions are typically higher
  • Provides a script that once added automatically turns all regular links into affiliate links


  • They take 25% of all commissions
  • Typically takes at least 90 days to get paid

Skimlinks offers access to more merchants than you can count, so you’re sure to find brands and products that your audience will love. The company’s exclusive deals mean you’ll earn more from the same merchant than other affiliate programs, and they make it super simple to convert all your links into affiliate links.

#2. FreshBooks

Commission Rate: Up to $10 per lead and up to $200 per signup

Pricing: Three tiers cost $6, $10, and $20 per month for the first sixmonths (60% discount for new customers), then $15, $25, $50 per month thereafter. A fourth tier called Select likely costs more, but no prices are published. 

Cookie Duration: 120 days


  • Healthy $200 commission
  • Pays for leads who sign up for the free trial, even if they never become a paying customer


  • Highly competitive market with free or lower-cost competitors available
  • Affiliate program is managed by Share-a-Sale, not Freshbooks directly – can lead to complicated customer support

FreshBooks is one of the leading invoicing and accounting platforms for small businesses. You can earn up to $200 per signup if someone becomes a paying FreshBooks customer within 120 days of clicking on your affiliate link.

#3. AuthorityHacker

Commission Rate: Up to $990 per signup

Pricing: These are premium training courses priced at and above $1000 to join.

Cookie Duration: 60 days


  • Very high commission rate plus lifetime commissions on all future purchases made by your referrals
  • Robust supply of resources and training for affiliates


  • Highly competitive market with free or lower-cost competitors available
  • Strict requirements for approval including minimum monthly traffic and one required sale within the first 90 days

AuthorityHacker offers premium training for beginner and advanced marketers who want to create successful authority websites. You can earn almost a thousand dollars per qualified sale of their flagship course, AuthorityHacker Pro.

#4. WeWork

Commission Rate: $100 to $5000 per new contract signed, with commission based on desk count 

Pricing: Rentals vary dramatically in cost based on location, size of the space, amenities, and required desks. Commissions, however, are based solely on the desk count of the referred contract. 

Cookie Duration: 90 days


  • Truly an industry leader in their space
  • Those you refer also benefit: they get one free month for every 12 months they maintain their rental


  • Highly competitive market with lower-cost competitors available
  • Future of the industry is uncertain based on the pandemic and dramatic rise in work-from-home opportunities

WeWork offers office and workspace rentals for businesses that need flexible working environments. The more desks your referral needs, the more you can earn when they signup for a new contract.

#5. Kinsta

Commission Rate: $50 to $500 per new customer plus 10% recurring monthly commission for the lifetime of the referral’s membership

Pricing: Plans range from $30 to $1500 per month. Prepaying for the year earns members two months free 

Cookie Duration: 60 days


  • WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms in the world, so professional WordPress hosting is a growth industry
  • Kinsta built their own affiliate program software from the ground up, so support should be optimal
  • Churn rate is less than 4%, making it likely for affiliates to earn recurring commissions from lifetime customers


  • Highly competitive market

Kinsta offers managed WordPress hosting for businesses that need reliable, high-performance web hosting. You can earn up to $500 per customer who signs up for a hosting plan within 60 days of clicking on your affiliate link. In addition, you can earn 10% recurring commission for each month your signup remains a Kinsta customer.

#7. Shopify

Commission Rate: 200% of the monthly plan sold

Pricing: Shopify’s has five tiers that cost $9, $29, $79, $299 and $2,000 per month.

Cookie Duration: 30 days


  • Access to well-designed creatives and banners
  • Offers a course for affiliate marketers and has a dedicated help team


  • Highly competitive market
  • Deep linking structure isn’t easy to set up

Shopify is one of the leading cloud-based e-Commerce platforms for businesses of all sizes, from one-person shows to enterprises. The software is easy to use, has a robust back-office, and offers POS (point-of-sale) applications for Android and iOS. You can earn a healthy commission for individual sales, and some extra items offer longer-term recurring commissions.

#8. HubSpot

Commission Rate: 15% recurring monthly payout for up to one year per client or a one-time payment of 100% of the first month’s revenue.

Pricing: There are three tiers for each of the five products. Prices vary by product but average approximately $45, $800, and $3,200 per month, with bundles costing up to $5,000 per month.

Cookie Duration: 90 days


  • Top-rated software solution with many products


  • Must be promoted within content such as blogs, emails, webinars
  • Need to create a lot of content

HubSpot is a CRM platform that includes sales, marketing, customer service, CMS, and operations products that businesses can use separately or together. Affiliate marketers who create substantial amounts of content focused on SMB tools can earn significant commissions.

#9. PureVPN

Commission Rate: Earn up to 100% commission per sale plus 35% lifetime recurring commissions. Affiliates can make more from two-tier referrals and additional bonuses.

Pricing: Tiers are by duration, costing $10.95 per month for monthly plans, $35.88 for a 12-month plan, and $47.76 for a 24-month plan.

Cookie Duration: 90 days


  • Customers have a low churn rate
  • Bonuses for high-performing affiliates


  • Threshold payments for bank wires are higher than most

PureVPN is a trusted VPN and growing in popularity as more consumers become aware of privacy issues. There are many add-on products consumers can choose from, increasing your commission. You can earn thousands of dollars, especially if you refer other affiliates and earn bonuses.

#10. Leadpages

Commission Rate: The more you sell, the higher your commission rate. Affiliates with monthly sales less than $50 earn 10%; those earning $50-2,999.99 earn 40%, and those who sell $3,000 or more earn 50%.

Pricing: There are two tiers priced at $49 and $99 per month plus an Advanced Plan for large agencies, but no price is published.

Cookie Duration: 30 days


  • Industry-leading product makes it easy to sell
  • Only takes two sales a month to earn 40% commission rates


  • Affiliate program is managed by PartnerStack, so there’s no direct access to the Leadpages team

Leadpages is a top software product that gives businesses access to tested and optimized landing page designs which can be customized. The company also offers additional products to help brands increase opt-in rates and make more sales.

#11. Villiers

Commission Rate: Earn 30% profit share for each flight booked plus recurring revenue for clients’ future bookings

Pricing: Prices vary greatly depending on the route and time of year, but few flights are less than $1,500, and some can be $10,000+.

Cookie Duration: 365 days


  • Make up to $1000 in commissions for each private jet booking
  • Very long cookie duration


  • Very niche clientele

Villiers offers private jet charter services, aggregating over 10,000 jets to 40,000 locations worldwide. Although this is a niche market, affiliates with the right audience can easily earn thousands of dollars per sale.

#12. James Allen

Commission Rate: 5% on each sale

Pricing: Prices vary, but the average sale is $6,500

Cookie Duration: 30 days


  • Average commission per sale is $275
  • Offers affiliates access to a team who can help with monetization efforts


  • Lots of competition in the jewelry industry  

James Allen is a highly reputable brand that sells diamond jewelry, engagement rings, and other high-end jewelry pieces. Thanks to the high price tags of items, you can earn significant commissions, and there is a large audience for the products.

#13. Semrush

Commission Rate: Earn $200 for new sales, $10 for new trials, and $0.01 for new sign-ups

Pricing: There are three tiers to choose from: $119.9 per month, $229.95 per month, and $449.95 per month

Cookie Duration: 30 days


  • Get access to exclusive Semrush creatives
  • Excellent support for all affiliates


  • Need to join via Impact Radius, a separate affiliate program manager

Semrush is a SaaS platform that provides critical information for digital marketers, including keyword research, competitor research, cost-per-click (CPC) prices, and more. Earn $200 per sale and a decent commission even for new trials.

#14. DreamCloud

Commission Rate: Earn $150 for each mattress sale, but the more you sell, the more you can earn from each sale

Pricing: The company sells three mattresses which cost $999, $1,399, and $1,599.

Cookie Duration: 365 days


  • Provides access to best practices and support to help you maximize your efforts
  • Earn higher commissions as a top performer


  • You’ll need to join the program through ShareASale, not Dream Cloud itself

DreamCloud designs high-end hybrid mattresses that combine different layers of materials to provide soft support and contouring while keeping sleepers cool all night long. Earn a minimum of $150 per sale and more if you are a top performer.

#15. Liquid Web

Commission Rate: Earn 150% of the monthly hosting cost, which is a minimum of $150 per sale plus a 50% bonus for pre-paid plans.

Pricing: There are multiple hosting products, and each has several tier options. The most popular products are the Managed Dedicated Server Plan which has three tiers costing $169, $299, and $499 per month. The second most popular option is the Standard Cloud Dedication which costs $149, $179, and $219 depending on the tier.

Cookie Duration: 90 days


  • Get advanced notice of upcoming sales and promotions
  • Access custom content, links, and landing pages
  • Dedicated affiliate managers offer personal support


  • Highly competitive market with others offering lower-cost options

Liquid Web, which has been around for several decades and has a stellar reputation, provides high-end hosting, including fully managed cloud and web hosting solutions. The minimum commission you’ll earn is $150, but some sales can net you a commission of $5,000.

#16. Embroker

Commission Rate: Average of $250 commission for each new customer, although commissions increase the longer you work with the company

Pricing: Varies depending on the business’s insurance needs

Cookie Duration: 30 days


  • Commissions start at $250 and increase over time
  • Get all the creative assets you need for successful promotions


  • Valid only in California and Florida
  • Must use ShareASale platform to join this program

Embroker uses algorithmic underwriting to create affordable custom insurance packages for startups, law firms, and private companies. You’ll earn a nice size commission of at least $250 for every customer that takes a policy.

Looking for more affiliate products? Try these for Real Estate, Finance, or Dating affiliate programs.

How to Find the Right High Ticket Affiliate Program

How do you choose the right high ticket affiliate products for your affiliate blog or website? It’s important to really get to know your audience. What is your audience most likely to spend the most money on in terms of products and services? Would they be more willing to buy a high ticket product that is a one-time purchase or one that offered monthly payments or recurring billing?

Once you have some ideas in mind, find the affiliate products that have the best reputation in your niche. If you choose a high ticket affiliate product that “sells itself” with great benefits and solid reviews, it will be an easy sell to your audience. If you can find related high ticket affiliate products that you can mention as alternatives, you’ll get the commission no matter which recommendation they buy!

Final Thoughts

If you want to be a successful affiliate with high ticket affiliate products, the key is to choose the one that matches your audience’s interest best. This will ensure that you can profitably monetize your blog posts, emails, and social media. Learn more about affiliate marketing promotion methods, and additional affiliate programs you can promote for additional income.


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