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30 December 2020

2020 is coming to a close, and before we tell it goodbye (and good riddance), we’re taking a look at the topics people read about most online.

22 December 2020

The top 50 news topics for 2020 in terms of page views to news articles about the topics, as determined by Taboola’s natural language processing AI.

17 December 2020

During the pandemic, the Taboola EMEA team found a creative way to collectively travel 40,000 km (or, circumnavigate the globe) in just 80 days.

15 December 2020

In a recent interview with Taboola, Din shared insights about Tecovas’ evolving marketing strategy, how the brand has adapted during the pandemic.

14 December 2020

Here’s a quick summary of marketing lessons and top products from Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 by industry.

10 December 2020

This season, you have to prepare for consumers who have been spending more online than before. In this post, you’ll find 50 holiday marketing examples, broken down by vertical.

9 December 2020

Here’s what advertisers need to know about using first-party data for programmatic marketing.

7 December 2020

Taboola’s ANZ Country Manager on how the advertising industry’s intersection of creativity and data.

1 December 2020

We’ve compiled all of the data, trends, and insights you need to build a campaign that’ll have you stepping into 2021 on the right foot.

24 November 2020

We’re going to look at how 30 retailers are capitalizing on these retail trends and predictions with their Cyber Monday 2020 advertising and marketing campaigns.

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