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13 May 2020

We’ve pulled creative best practices, targeting strategies, examples and more to help you advertise effectively in the health and life insurance vertical.

12 May 2020

The entertainment vertical is having a moment. We’ll talk through the ways to adapt your creatives, approach audience targeting, bidding strategies, and show examples.

11 May 2020

Consumers have taken wellbeing into their own hands. To help marketers, we took a look into the data to highlight creative best practices, and targeting strategies.

8 May 2020

We flexed the numbers and found the best opportunities for health & fitness marketers to get their campaigns in shape. Let’s dig into the data!

7 May 2020

In this guide, we share tips on creating landing pages, and focus on real estate landing page ideas that will help your business grow.

5 May 2020

We’re looking into the trends that see the most gifting action to help marketers determine how, when, and where to reach Father’s Day shoppers.

30 April 2020

What content would work for your performance goals? We took a look at the landing pages behind millions of Taboola campaigns running on publisher sites each month.

28 April 2020

To help organize this flurry of COVID-19 readership, we’ve added the Coronavirus Readership Trends map to our Taboola Trends webpage.

28 April 2020

Let’s dive into image and title trends, and then we’ll wrap up by putting these trends in action with example ads across industries.

27 April 2020

If you are a marketer looking to create impactful video content that resonates amidst coronavirus, here are the data-backed insights and some examples to draw inspiration from.

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