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8 April 2019

We gathered recent data on summer travel content from Taboola Trends, which analyzes images and keywords across the web on a weekly basis.

5 April 2019

For ad budget optimization to truly be automated, it would take advanced artificial AI and likely, ML capabilities. Spoiler—it’s already within your reach.

3 April 2019

You often go online to find something: a product, service, news update, video—the list is long. Or, you go to explore. Enter the discovery platform.

2 April 2019

It’s easy to see why native advertising excites everyone, but people remember only 30% of what they see, so you must make great, click-worthy ads.

27 March 2019

If you can’t evaluate your goals—in publishers’ case, user loyalty—you’re essentially driving blind. To clarify, we’re breaking down this issue further.

21 March 2019

As advertisers continue to shift budgets into app advertising, it will become increasingly incumbent on app owners to deliver programmatic’s missing pieces.

18 March 2019

Let’s run through a checklist of important variables and qualities to consider when examining native advertising platforms.

18 March 2019

Boom. The campaign is running and you’re feeling good. But, what now? You have to track the real-time results so that you can optimize it. Here’s how.

13 March 2019

We’re taking our studio one step further by announcing our partnership with WIREWAX, a leader in interactive video technology.

8 March 2019

In the spirit of #balanceforbetter, we spoke with some of our most influential male leaders at Taboola about what International Women’s Day means for them.

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