As a powerful mental and physical stimulant, it’s been proven that clapping our hands has physical benefits, such as improving blood circulation while psychologically activating our energy chakras, engaging our minds and bodies, and providing us a sense of belonging. The 2024 U.S. Taboola sales kick-off (SKO) has come to an end, but Taboolars are still riding the wave of the bountiful clapping and energy throughout the week of events and time spent learning from one another. (And yes, there was lots of clapping!) From publisher and advertiser-centric learning content to refreshing product adaptation and discovery conversations, SKO left the sales org feeling powered up for the future and celebratory of each other’s successes and well-deserved recognitions. With the vision to be the go-to recommendation engine for the open web, we’re reflecting on a record start in 2024, starting with SKO.

What is Taboola U.S. SKO?

Sales Kick-Off, or SKO as Taboolars calls it, is an annual three-day immersive experience where Taboolars from across the U.S. gather at the New York HQ to power up for the year ahead. This year’s theme? Powering up, which meant it was only fitting to channel the fun and playful energy of the video game world and incorporate those elements into the agenda. From strategy, team building, and celebrations of success, the 2024 SKO focused on education, skill refinement, and motivation for the sales and account management teams. In 2024, it’s all about how to power up people, partnerships, and productivity, so this year’s SKO focused on building upon our relationships with customers, leading with products, and bringing our best selves to work every day.

The Taboola SKO Experience

This year, the U.S. SKO took place at our beautiful NYC HQ, which overlooks the iconic Flatiron building and views of Madison Square Park. While the goal of SKO is to provide learning opportunities, refine skills, and inspire motivation, the week wouldn’t have been true to the Taboola culture without one of the most important elements – community. The energy that paraded through the Taboola office was contagious, as people who have worked together from behind screens and across time zones met face-to-face and elevated relationships over beautifully catered meals, intimate breakout sessions, and an unforgettable team-building event.

Powering Up Relationships

SKO at Taboola is anything but consuming an average cup of coffee with your colleagues at the boardroom table. With nearly 200 people in attendance from sales, account management, sales operations, and product marketing, Taboolars completed the week feeling focused and supercharged. This year’s SKO offered over 50 informative sessions, most led by Taboolars across the business. Taboolars enjoyed networking in person with several senior Taboola executives who made themselves visible and accessible throughout the week and even showed some moves on the dance floor at an unforgettable kick-off party.

With a significant focus on global strategy for the enterprise and growth organizations, many learnings were geared toward the product roadmap for 2024 and providing the right tools to ensure Taboolars are partnering with clients in the most effective ways for both the advertisers and publishers. Many enjoyed sessions focused on helping publishers monetize and address industry challenges, while others enjoyed roundtable discussions where they got to meet with and learn from people on cross-functional teams.

Powering Up People

Industry learnings, product, strategy, and best practices are all vital takeaways from SKO, but it’s the people who apply them to support our clients and make it a reality. From this SKO, our U.S. Enterprise leadership team was honored to nominate and award several of our talented and well-deserving sales and account managers with special recognition awards.

A massive round of applause and congratulations to all nominees and winners of the 2024 U.S. SKO sales awards!

👏Growth Advertiser Sales Manager of The Year: Ryan Blume

👏Growth Advertiser Account Manager of The Year: Sarah Camera

👏Growth SMB Pub/Top Sales Account Manager: Yotam Cohen

👏Growth SMB Pub Top Growth Publisher Team: SMB U.S.

👏Enterprise Publisher Top Account Manager of The Year: Madison Herdemian

👏Enterprise Advertiser Top Sales Manager of The Year: Esther Altomare

👏Enterprise Advertiser Top Account Manager of The Year: Kyle De Avila

👏Enterprise US – The Client Whisperer: Alison Aylward 

👏Enterprise US – The Swiss Army Knife: Ming Comey

👏Enterprise US – The Everyday Hero: Karly Sheeran

👏Enterprise US – Rookie of the Year: Yahoo Migration Team – Dan Hahesy, Dan Riva, Maggie Gentry, Meredith Carlson

👏Enterprise US – Leader of the Year: Jessica Witten

👏Strategic Accounts Account Manager of the Year: Fernanda Sene

U.S. Sales Club Winners:

👏Alison Aylward 

👏Jessie Wallace

👏Sara Glick

👏Samara Sommer

👏Fernanda Sene

👏Jordan Kolsky

👏Remus de Jesus

👏Yolana Posta

👏Will Mac Tavish

👏Ryan Blume

👏Yotam Cohen

👏Marcus Blockman

To learn more about why we are consistently ranked as a great place to work, check out the Taboola Life blog, and visit our careers page. #TaboolaLife

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