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18 September 2018

When the buyer’s journey works in your favor, it’s helpful to view them as progressing through the stages of knowing, then liking, then trusting your brand.

13 September 2018

You’re far more likely to achieve success with content marketing if you have a documented content marketing strategy.

23 August 2018

Modern marketers populate the web with millions of blog posts every day in the interest of getting discovered via search, and it might be doing squat.

20 August 2018

If the objective of your ads is to generate leads you need to focus your efforts on perfecting the page that visitors land on when they click. That is, you need to create landing pages that generate leads. In this post, I’m going to share best practices for writing and building a high converting landing page. But first… Landing pages vs. Homepages: What’s effective? First, understand your landing page should not be confused with your homepage. Don’t set up your campaign to (1) direct the visitor to your homepage or (2) to an alternate version of the company’s homepage (for tracking purposes). These approaches will likely kill your conversion. See, the job of the homepage is to present the company’s value proposition and help visitors find additional content. If you want your ads to produce conversions, you need to create a dedicated, standalone landing page. Visitors should immediately understand your […]

13 August 2018

As more and more of publisher’s audiences are consuming content on smartphones. We’ve ran tests on infinite feed-related behavior—check out the results.

9 August 2018

Want to rightfully proclaim you know exactly how to invest dollars that get results? Performance marketing should be your focus.

7 August 2018

We’re excited to announce that now available to all managed-service video clients, Taboola offers an in-house creative studio to customize your videos.

7 August 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) as it applies to marketing, as told by Paul Roetzer of the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute.

3 August 2018

Publishers—when you’re publishing articles, videos, photos or any other type of media regularly, consider these ten plugins for the best experience.

27 July 2018

The most successful brands are aggressive in their approach to data. Turns out, data sets up leaders for success in three specific ways.

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