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22 March 2021

eCommerce has exploded over the last decade and the pandemic propelled it further forward at a record rate.

17 March 2021

Apple announced upcoming privacy changes to iOS. Specifically, changes to the process of sharing the Identifier for Advertisers with advertisers.

8 March 2021

We have launched #RecommendHER to specifically support women-owned SMBs in industries most affected by COVID-19, like Travel, Retail and Education.

5 March 2021

“You can’t talk about gender equity in the advertising industry without putting it in the context of gender equity in general”, says Cait Rose

5 March 2021

We reached out to Gannett’s Detroit headline testers and content strategy team to find out more about their methods and thought processes.

25 February 2021

We examined trending topics within our network of publisher partners in Australia to understand the interests and concerns of readers.

24 February 2021

When it comes to the impact of Black Lives Matter on the advertising and publishing industry, Nneka Okoli is positive about the changes at Taboola.

24 February 2021

As the pandemic continues, there are signs that shifts in consumer behavior may become permanent, or at least stick around long-term.

23 February 2021

Although the events of the last year have put racial justice, diversity, and equity firmly in the spotlight, the wheels of change are still turning slowly in the advertising and publishing industry.

22 February 2021

We’ll show you why data visualization is important for publishers, our best tips and practices, and what kind of tools you can use to create your own.

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