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16 September 2019

We see 400 million article views per day in the US⁠—we know how the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates are connecting at the big issues of the day.

13 September 2019

With so much content around, your headline must truly engage to attract attention. Here’s how to make sure it does every time.

12 September 2019

To help you build the most effective Halloween marketing campaign creative around candy, costumes, and decorations, we dove into Taboola Trends.

6 September 2019

To help you build your Thanksgiving marketing campaigns, we pulled data from food-related ads about images, headlines, time of day and more.

5 September 2019

Three months of data — 26 billion impressions and 21 million clicks — on gaming campaigns to understand how consumers interact with native ads.

23 August 2019

Although the plethora of lead generation tools don’t always fit perfectly in a single box, we try to categorize them logically.

22 August 2019

Check out our deep-dive into examples of different lead generation campaigns, content types and tactics used by various companies form different verticals.

19 August 2019

Want to grow faster? Enjoy higher profits? You can achieve both goals when you learn how to run successful lead generation campaigns.

14 August 2019

Advertisers were quick to capitalize on the explosion of video content. Let’s take a look at the video advertising trends inspiring marketers.

13 August 2019

In this post, we expand on these ideas and delve into specific strategies to consider adding to your lead-generation arsenal.

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