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14 February 2022

To celebrate Black History Month, we have some members of Taboola’s Black ETG group that pulled together a list to highlight Black voices and experiences.

11 February 2022

Want to launch more efficient, targeting and relevant campaigns? Learn more about DSP in programmatic advertising!

9 February 2022

With football’s biggest game approaching, let’s see who is talking trash and how the charts are looking.

31 January 2022

Besides COVID-19 content, what articles have been capturing readers’ attention in 2022? Read this article to learn more.

28 January 2022

With Presidents Day approaching, brands should release campaigns in the coming weeks to help consumers look for things they didn’t find under the tree.

26 January 2022

We’re excited to introduce “Homepage For You” as part of Taboola Newsroom, a homepage personalization tool.

20 January 2022

Are you ready for the Beijing Winter Olympics? We are! Learn more about the Beijing Olympics based on our global publisher network’s pageview data.

17 January 2022

With Valentine’s Day approaching, learn more about holiday trends from Taboola and Skimlinks and what you need to know for your marketing strategies.

14 January 2022

With 2020 and 2021 behind us, we have learned a lot during the time of uncertainty. What are we expecting for 2022? Learn more about our predictions.

13 January 2022

Want to learn how to build click-worthy campaigns and launch them with data-backed targeting strategies? Taboola has the data for you!

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