Despite a reputation as a job-hopping generation, millennials are also known for their strong work ethic, collaboration, open-mindedness, and adaptability to change in the workplace. With “Millennial workers staying in a job for an average of 2 years and 9 months,” according to Forbes, we have to wonder, how does someone stay at one company for longer than the average tenure? As a millennial myself, I sat down with Search Ads Business Development Manager Andrew Bellach, (sometimes known as “Mr. Taboola,) who recently celebrated an exciting 10-year milestone at Taboola and has challenged that millennial statistic. Read on to hear what Andrew had to say about how he reached this major milestone and the reflective moments he’s experienced along the way.

Q: How has Taboola kept you engaged throughout your tenure here?”

Marsh McLennan notes, “Some generations are comfortable becoming adept at only one role. That’s not the case for millennials. They feel a strong responsibility toward doing good – and being good at what they do.” 

A: In my ten years at Taboola, I’ve had the privilege to explore diverse roles and functions across the company, transitioning every 2-4 years which has certainly kept things interesting. In combination, the culture at Taboola fosters authenticity, allowing me to comfortably bring my fun and lighthearted attitude to work. Because of this, I’ve been able to prioritize how I bring value to the company, through individual relationships and progression across multiple roles. From Account Management and Product to kickstarting a Search Ads team, each role has come with its own achievements, challenges, travels, and awesome coworkers.

Throughout all of my roles here though, Taboola has significantly invested in my professional development through diverse training programs, offsite events, conferences, and more. With the current focus on search advertising within Native, I am appreciative of the chance to cultivate expertise and establish myself as a thought leader in this industry, contributing to Taboola’s Search vision and strategy.

Teammates & lifelong friends at the NYC office

Q: How have you grown and developed professionally during your 10-year career at Taboola?

Marsh McLennan adds, “Career opportunities that provide personal and professional education tend to be good fits for millennials. These jobs can include ongoing training seminars, new tasks, or certifications in particular skills – elements that lead to talent development.”

A: Over the years, I’ve attended various training and coaching programs, been invited to speak at client conferences, and switched teams internally a few times, allowing me to upskill my expertise under each role. When I was promoted from Product Specialist to an Account Director role to oversee a team, Taboola invested in me in more ways than just a professional. An external managerial training team and coach were brought in to provide me with support & perspective.  Even before diving into the core of the skills and learnings, they got to know me as a person first asking about my lifestyle, where I wanted to make personal improvements, & helping set me up for success to tackle the bigger work goals. It’s clear Taboola sees its people as more than employees here. While there were times when taking on new roles or managing people felt like a big undertaking, I always had the support and trust of my awesome colleagues. And through the help of managerial coaching, I reached a place of autonomy and confidence in and out of work.

Sales Club 2023 in Montenegro

Q: How does Taboola promote a healthy culture & “work-life balance”?

“Whether it’s hybrid work setups or customized hours, millennials want more autonomy with their time. They don’t want to be confined to a cubicle.” – Marsh McLennan.

Taboola’s superpower is the culture it’s created. Beyond the opportunities and challenges I’ve had over the past ten years, Taboola does a great job hiring the right people & culture. As I say to everyone I interview, if you are passionate, motivated, and curious, regardless of whether you have an ad tech background, you will find success and a home at Taboola. Through affiliate conferences, sales clubs, and other Taboola kick-off events, I’ve been lucky to work with specialized teams and experience those connections in real-time across the US, LATAM, EMEA, and APAC regions. And no matter what office I visit, there’s a vibe and culture that makes the environment easy, comfortable, and fulfilling to work in.

Additionally, I’ve always found that Taboola has been very accommodating regarding work-life balance. Most recently, my position has required partnering with teams globally, and despite the work travel and time zones, Taboola respects my personal needs and applauds autonomy.

The 2024 Sales Kick Off in London at the Museum of Natural History, with the Global Search team

There’s a reason why many Taboolars share their stories and why many have been with Taboola for 5+ years. Through finding purpose, growth, and balance at Taboola, plus working alongside smart and motivated people, I’m excited to keep expanding my career here.

Ten years after beginning my Taboola career, I find myself older, wiser, and appreciative of the opportunities that have furthered my overall growth. I’m particularly proud that the work I’ve gotten to do in this niche and will continue to do here impacts our industry, clients, and the people across the company.

Celebrating Taboola Going Public in 2021 with CEO, Adam Singolda

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