Over nearly six years at Taboola, I’ve worn several hats – starting as an SMB Publisher Account Manager within the SEA Enterprise, then progressing to an SMB Publisher Account Director, and now proudly serving as the SMB Publisher Sales & Account Management Director. 

Why I continue to grow my career at Taboola 

It’s the daily collaboration with diverse teams, each interaction a new puzzle piece in our collective success story. I’m most proud of the amazing team we’ve built – a profitable group with a culture that fosters collaboration and growth. It’s the perfect blend of challenges that keep me on my toes, continuous learning opportunities that fuel my growth, and a clear path for advancing my career. Above all, it’s the people – my colleagues who inspire me daily to push boundaries and deliver my best work.

What sets Taboola apart?

One thing that sets Taboola apart in the industry is how we approach partnerships with publishers globally. It’s not just about revenue; it’s about creating products that genuinely empower our partners, aligning perfectly with my belief in building strong, meaningful relationships for sustainable success.

Transitioning to Taboola from a different industry was no small feat, but the supportive environment here made it a smooth sail. From comprehensive training programs to a collaborative team ethos, every step was a lesson in growth and adaptability. Taboola also offers opportunities to engage in initiatives like the Women Leading Change campaign, which values diversity and inclusion and helps empower and motivate women in the marketing communications industry.

What is the most valuable advice you’ve learned as a member of the sales team at Taboola?

A nugget of wisdom I’ve picked up is always bringing data to the table. In our fast-paced world, data-driven decisions are the key to staying ahead and delivering results. For example, when working with Publishers, we always need data to back up our sales pitches and optimization suggestions to clients. It’s what keeps us credible and helps us make informed decisions. Additionally, I prioritize using data extensively to manage my team’s performance. This allows my team and I to make fair and well-informed decisions to support our collective and personal growth.

How has Taboola enabled you to live a balanced life outside of work?

Taboola’s family-oriented approach and flexibility have been a game-changer for me. People here genuinely understand what “work-life” balance means and that it’s not just a perk but a testament to the company’s commitment to employee well-being. My grandmother lived in another country, and my manager granted me the flexibility to work remotely so I could spend time with her before her passing. That time spent together meant the world to me, and having an employer who understands the importance of family is truly priceless. During a difficult time, Taboola supported me and relieved me of feeling stressed or overwhelmed about my job.

How do you make an impact in your role at Taboola or beyond?

In my role, I strive to create an environment where everyone feels valued, challenged, and part of something bigger. It’s not just about individual success but about lifting the entire team and driving collective growth. This is achieved through transparency in communication, such as sharing important updates consistently. We set shared goals each week to stay focused and track our progress, allowing us to see how we’re doing and where we’re headed as a team. We celebrate successes and recognize achievements, which boosts morale and encourages everyone to do their best. Through collaborative projects that benefit the whole team, we’ve strengthened our bonds and worked together to improve our business.

Why join Taboola? 

Taboola’s adaptability shines as a superpower. Our teams pivoted seamlessly through challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic, showcasing resilience and unity, qualities I see in our Taboolars daily. The kindness fostered throughout time zones across Taboola goes such a long way, and it’s the understanding that people have here that helps foster such a positive work environment that keeps people like myself here for six years! I owe much of my success to my managers’ unwavering support and mentorship, as their belief in my abilities and willingness to push me out of my comfort zone have been instrumental in my journey.

For anyone eyeing a role at Taboola, remember—it’s not just about the title; it’s about empowering your team and driving collective success. So, if you’re eager to learn, grow, and partner with intelligent people, Taboola might be the perfect fit. Here’s to embracing challenges, celebrating successes, and charting new horizons together!

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