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20 February 2023

Elvis? Top Gun? Everything Everywhere All at Once? See the 2023 Oscar predicted winners based on data from Taboola’s publisher network in the US.

16 February 2023

This article provides insights into creative trends and best practices for entertainment advertisers based on the 80th Golden Globes. Advertisers should start their campaigns on the day of the event and run them for about two weeks afterward. Advertisers should also use native ads with illustrations, no text, color, and close-up shots, Taboola Title Analyzer, and consider automating with SmartBid, using high impact placements, and creating motion ads for better targeting.

31 January 2023

Adele? Lizzo? Harry Styles? Doja Cat? See the 2023 Grammy Awards predicted winners based on data from our publisher network in the US.

30 January 2023

How did Sheri Bachstein’s influence and direction helped The Weather Company transition from a weather website into a global content brand? Watch the interview here!

26 January 2023

Learn about the changes in ad campaign tracking in 2023. Understand how privacy concerns and outdated technology are affecting the industry and the actions companies like Voluum are taking to stay ahead of the game. Discover the importance of ad tracking for digital marketing profitability and the methods used for tracking.

24 January 2023

Stay ahead of the game in 2023 with predictions from Connexity and Skimlinks on e-commerce trends, fast-growing retailers and key events to watch out for. Build your strategies to increase revenue and performance with this insight.

23 January 2023

Uncover the top consumer purchase trends of December 2022, including streaming, gifts for her, and athleisure wear. Learn how to use these insights to improve your content strategy and native campaigns.

20 January 2023

We’re experts on campaigns that run on news and other sites and sharing our expertise to support you in adapting your social media campaigns.

11 January 2023

Brands who worked with Taboola met critical KPIs across the board consistently in comparison to Kantar’s verticalized industry benchmarks. Check out the highlights that Taboola found!

3 January 2023

What is in store for the 80th Annual Golden Globes? Let’s see what the data is saying!

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