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28 September 2022

With nearly 2 trillion pageviews in more than 28 languages from August 2021 until now, Taboola analyzed the data so you can see the predictions.

16 September 2022

Affiliate data from Skimlinks showed us what consumers focused on buying online in August. Check it out here!

9 September 2022

Taboola India hosted a webinar discussion on relationship, relevance, and reliability in the publishing world. Learn more about what our featuring guests had to say about the importance of content recommendation with the right partnerships to stay relevant and successful.

6 September 2022

We concocted our own fantasy football draft based solely on which players and teams rack up the most pageviews on the Taboola publisher network.

6 September 2022

It’s no surprise to see the popularity surrounding the 2022 Emmy Awards and high interest in learning more about this year’s nominees.

26 August 2022

Affiliate data from Skimlinks showed us what consumers primarily focused on buying over the past few months. Check it out here!

18 August 2022

Are you an advertiser and trying to think of ways to make sure your brand doesn’t fall behind during a recession? Check out Taboola’s recession marketing creative strategies here.

17 August 2022

We looked at data for Amazon Prime Day sales and alternatives to see what actually happened: Top Products, Articles, and Countries

15 August 2022

With back-to-school shopping season approaching quickly, Taboola has pulled some insights for you to use.

5 August 2022

Taboola has all you need to know about email automation and how to ensure your campaign is effective.

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