In a world where the average human attention span is a mere 8 seconds, grabbing eyeballs is a constant struggle. For native advertisers, winning is even trickier—on the open web, the best-performing ads blend in to stand out.

The good news? Ads appearing on Taboola capture 25% more attention than when shown on social and video platforms. That already gives you an edge over many competitors.

So, how do you crack the code of invisibility that gets noticed?  Turn to the Creatives to Boost Ad Attention Playbook.

Taboola’s Creative Shop team, the masterminds behind countless high-impact campaigns for top advertisers, knows exactly how to choose the visuals and messages to attract attention. They leverage data from hundreds of thousands of successful advertising campaigns and A/B tests running across Taboola’s network of premium publishers to identify the strategies and campaign details that drive consumers to action.

They’ve uncovered a treasure trove of advertiser-focused trends, insights, and best practices, which they’re revealing in their latest playbook.

Download Taboola's Creatives to Boost Ad Attention Playbook

Let’s look at a few of the golden nuggets they’ve uncovered:

People are attracted to people who look like them. When choosing an image, feature a close of a person who represents your target audience. Skip overly polished pictures and go for ones that feel more natural and authentic.

Help people focus with a focal point. Use a clean picture with a single point of focus. Don’t add text overlays or brand logos – they add unnecessary clutter and evoke the idea of a banner ad, which we know people have learned to ignore.

Make it move. Whether you leverage Taboola Motion Ads, create short clips from existing video content, or purchase stock videos (remember, authenticity is key, especially with stock footage), adding motion to your creative boosts CTRS by about 30%.

Personalize your message. Use your headline to call out your audience and connect with them. And everyone likes to be flattered, so throw in a complimentary descriptive word or two! Think: Glamourous Brides Get Ready with this Glow-Inducing Moisturizer.

Descriptions and CTAs are as important as headlines and visuals. Descriptions provide more space to highlight an offer, share convincing or supporting details, or pique curiosity. CTAs set expectations for the next step and encourage consumers to click. Adding them both improves CVR by 15%.

It’s time to maximize your ad spend and increase your ROI. Download our Creatives to Boost Ad Attention Playbook now to learn more tips and tricks for mastering the magical (and achievable!) blend-in-and-stand-out effect.

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