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11 January 2023

Brands who worked with Taboola met critical KPIs across the board consistently in comparison to Kantar’s verticalized industry benchmarks. Check out the highlights that Taboola found!

28 November 2022

Did you know there were other platforms you can use instead of Google Ads? Read more to learn what else you can use for digital advertising.

17 November 2022

Here is how your brand can drive conversions and sales with Motion Ads.

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21 March 2023

Condé Nast Partners with Taboola Meta: Taboola has signed a new partnership agreement with Condé Nast, providing recommendations across GQ, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Wired, Allure, Bon Appetit, Allure, Glamour, and more.

16 March 2023

Revamp your sports advertising playbook with exclusive insights and best practices from the Big Game. Learn when to launch campaigns, target the right audience, and optimize performance for auto, food, and tech verticals. Gain exclusive access to sports fans across top publisher sites with Taboola’s Premium Sports Package

15 March 2023

Looking for a better way to reach high-converting audiences in a world without tracking cookies and limited ad targeting options? Look no further than native ads. These non-intrusive and contextually targeted ad formats blend seamlessly into the surrounding environment, delivering a superior user experience that’s proven to drive results. With native ads, marketers can achieve better ad placement, increased ad relevancy, and more effective contextual targeting, all while enjoying a positive ROI. So why wait? Start exploring the power of native ads today and discover a better way to reach the audiences that matter most.

14 March 2023

Discover the best performing Valentine’s Day ads and stories based on data insights from Taboola and Skimlinks. Build engaging campaigns now!

13 March 2023

Predicting the NCAA Tournament champion is tough. Our publisher partner data can help create your March Madness brackets. Looking to reach basketball fans? Try Taboola’s Premium Sports Package.

28 February 2023

In this interview between Adam Singolda, CEO and Founder of Taboola, and David Steinberg, Founder and CEO of Zeta Global, they discuss the future of the advertising ecosystem, Zeta’s evolution, the growing interest in CTV, and the importance of creating attribution models aligned with marketers’ objectives. The conversation also covers topics such as e-commerce, personalization, TikTok, and Web 3.0, among other insights.

20 February 2023

Elvis? Top Gun? Everything Everywhere All at Once? See the 2023 Oscar predicted winners based on data from Taboola’s publisher network in the US.

16 February 2023

This article provides insights into creative trends and best practices for entertainment advertisers based on the 80th Golden Globes. Advertisers should start their campaigns on the day of the event and run them for about two weeks afterward. Advertisers should also use native ads with illustrations, no text, color, and close-up shots, Taboola Title Analyzer, and consider automating with SmartBid, using high impact placements, and creating motion ads for better targeting.

31 January 2023

Adele? Lizzo? Harry Styles? Doja Cat? See the 2023 Grammy Awards predicted winners based on data from our publisher network in the US.

30 January 2023

How did Sheri Bachstein’s influence and direction helped The Weather Company transition from a weather website into a global content brand? Watch the interview here!

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