In Q2 2023, consumers opened up their wallets for online purchases, resulting in significant year-over-year growth for the e-commerce sector. That wasn’t a fluke! Major shopping sprees around Memorial Day, Way Day, and Father’s Day fueled those sales.

With the US e-commerce market on track to hit $757.3 billion this year and those same holidays and more right around the corner, one thing is clear: consumers are still flocking online to shop.

If boosting revenue through e-commerce is a business objective, that should be music to your ears. But to truly thrive, you need to design your content strategy around the most up-to-date insights.

Connexity‘s US Q2 2024 Publisher Acquisition Playbook is the must-have manual for publishers. It’s packed with trend forecasts and consumer behaviors that will not just inform but transform your content into a revenue-generating powerhouse.

And Connexity, a Taboola company that enables publishers to add 100 million product offers to their site, is perfectly positioned to spill the tea and share what motivates consumers to make purchases; after all, they drive $1.3 billion in retail sales annually.

Download Connexity's US Q2 2024 Publisher Acquisition Playbook

Let’s take a peek behind the playbook curtain:

Celebrations spur traffic spikes and sales. Q2 is packed with holidays and events: Mother’s Day and Memorial Day are in May, and June is home to Pride Month, Father’s Day, and the First Day of Summer. Create specific content for each of these events and publish the content a few weeks before the big day to catch early bird shoppers.

Focus on promoting products in the top-performing verticals. As the weather coaxes consumers outside, the retail categories that see the biggest benefit are Home & Garden and Sports Equipment & Outdoor Gear. With gift-giving holidays in the mix, products from the Clothing & Accessories and Gifts, Flowers & Food categories also result in clicks and purchases.

Gift guides are your golden opportunity. Year after year and holiday after holiday, gift guides reign supreme. Invest in creating top-notch guides. Focus on personalized gifts, flowers, and jewelry for Mother’s Day; grilling accessories and high-tech gadgets are always big winners for Father’s Day.

Consumers value bargains over brand loyalty. Value-driven shopping habits reflect the times—persistent inflation and economic anxiety. Consumers prefer getting the most bang for their buck, so pepper your content with the best deals and holiday sales and call that out in content titles to attract attention.

Consider your audience’s age. Purchasing decisions vary tremendously between different generations. Younger consumers (Gen Z and Millennials) tend to purchase beauty products; Boomer buying trends point to health products, pet supplies, and gardening. Tailor your content with an eye towards the broader trends, but don’t overgeneralize; keep your ideal customer in mind, focusing on how and what they buy.

Spring is a time for fresh starts. When consumers think of Spring, the word cleaning is close behind. Across Taboola’s network, content related to ‘spring cleaning’ experienced a 69% increase in traffic. Turn that trend into revenue with content about the best cleaning supplies and hacks for a spotless home.

These are just a handful of the trends discussed in the playbook. With the right strategy in place, a slice (or two) of the growing e-commerce pie can be yours, but time is of the essence!

Download Connexity’s US Q2 2024 Publisher Acquisition Playbook – it has all the insights you need to maximize your revenue stream this quarter.

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