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Content marketing tips for engaging with your current customer base and paid channels for engaging new customers. Here are some of our tips.
The first step to understanding Millennials, and what drives their content consumption and buying decisions, is to throw assumptions out. Here are our tips.
Despite the rising influence of social media platforms and messaging services, email has maintained its position as a primary online communication method, and many of us struggle to keep up with the ongoing flow of new messages in our inbox each day. Boomerang for Gmail, a popular browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari, has […]
The holiday season is crunch time for consumer brands. With the average American set to spend more than $800 on holiday-related items this year, there’s a lot at stake for marketers as they attempt to grab people’s attention — and hopefully, part of their spending budgets — between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Given that […]
Pioneering a new product concept from scratch is a feat unto itself, but promoting it post-launch poses its own set of challenges. Paid search promotions work well for products or services that consumers are explicitly seeking out, but what if the company’s new offering is something that no one has seen before? Flintobox is a […]
It’s well-known, that the competition to reach audiences in the digital universe is fierce. How do you make the most out of your limited advertising in a competitive traffic acquisition space? The answer is simple: get people to share your content. Build “buzz” into your PR, promotions, and distribution strategy. Let’s start with some simple […]
In their quest to reach the coveted “Inbox Zero,” many people around the world have installed Boomerang for Gmail, a popular browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari that helps users take control of their email inboxes. Boomerang supports an array of useful features — such as “send later,” snooze messages, read receipts, and more […]
It’s no secret that mobile is taking over the world. If you’ve attended a marketing conference at any point in the past few years, you’re probably already familiar with the particulars: Americans spend more internet time on their phones than on their computers, there are more people in the world who own mobile devices than […]
In recent years, technological advances around solar energy have lowered panel prices to a more affordable threshold, and many homeowners are beginning to consider residential installations that enable them to take control over their energy consumption. This exciting new market has attracted companies from around the world, including both existing energy utilities and disruptive startups. […]
If you’re wondering how to create a content optimization strategy, you’re not alone. Most marketers understand the value of engaging audiences through content but aren’t sure how to tie their efforts back to sales. While some campaign owners expect content to lead directly to transactions, others see content as a means of strengthening brand perception. […]
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