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In their quest to reach the coveted “Inbox Zero,” many people around the world have installed Boomerang for Gmail, a popular browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari that helps users take control of their email inboxes. Boomerang supports an array of useful features — such as “send later,” snooze messages, read receipts, and more […]
It’s no secret that mobile is taking over the world. If you’ve attended a marketing conference at any point in the past few years, you’re probably already familiar with the particulars: Americans spend more internet time on their phones than on their computers, there are more people in the world who own mobile devices than […]
In recent years, technological advances around solar energy have lowered panel prices to a more affordable threshold, and many homeowners are beginning to consider residential installations that enable them to take control over their energy consumption. This exciting new market has attracted companies from around the world, including both existing energy utilities and disruptive startups. […]
If you’re wondering how to create a content optimization strategy, you’re not alone. Most marketers understand the value of engaging audiences through content but aren’t sure how to tie their efforts back to sales. While some campaign owners expect content to lead directly to transactions, others see content as a means of strengthening brand perception. […]
Building an audience for your online publication isn’t easy. While the internet has made it easier than ever to share messages with the public, getting people to actually pay attention to those messages can be a pain point. With a seemingly infinite number of news and entertainment options available to consumers at all times, the […]
Next week, over 3,500 people — spanning marketing and PR professionals, business executives, content managers and creators — will gather in Cleveland, Ohio for Content Marketing World 2015. Hosted by Content Marketing Institute, the four-day event (Sept 8-11) attracts attendees from all industries to share best practices around how companies can use content to drive […]
With operations spanning Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi, Amura is one of India’s leading digital marketing firms, with a client roster that includes many of the country’s top real estate brands. In an effort to activate the pan-India real estate market, Amura organized the first-ever Indian Realty Flash Sale (IRFS 2015), a four-day online real […]
One of the biggest challenges any content marketer faces is coming up with a way to determine whether their content is actually working. Indeed, even if your brand has produced a series of excellent stories, you’ll need to prove that they are helping your company generate sales if someone is going to give you the […]
Earlier this summer, digital marketing firm Amura organized the first-ever Indian Realty Flash Sale (IRFS), a four-day online real estate event showcasing properties across 15 cities and 50 top Indian developers. Given the time-sensitive nature of the sale, Amura teamed up with Taboola to boost its content promotion efforts, targeting niche audiences across the web […]
There’s no exact formula for publishing the perfect piece of branded content. As is the case with any creative work, you’re going to go through a period of trial and error before you find the process that works best for you, and there are going to be some hits and misses along the way. Even […]
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