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22 March 2023

Taboola Founder & CEO Adam Singolda interviews Bloomberg Media’s CEO Scott Havens about how the company is investing and thriving, as well as how Taboola fits into its strategy in order to increase awareness and acquisition of subscribers.

15 March 2023

Looking for a better way to reach high-converting audiences in a world without tracking cookies and limited ad targeting options? Look no further than native ads. These non-intrusive and contextually targeted ad formats blend seamlessly into the surrounding environment, delivering a superior user experience that’s proven to drive results. With native ads, marketers can achieve better ad placement, increased ad relevancy, and more effective contextual targeting, all while enjoying a positive ROI. So why wait? Start exploring the power of native ads today and discover a better way to reach the audiences that matter most.

11 January 2023

Brands who worked with Taboola met critical KPIs across the board consistently in comparison to Kantar’s verticalized industry benchmarks. Check out the highlights that Taboola found!

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15 May 2023

The article discusses the benefits of CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) networks for affiliate marketers and highlights several reliable and scalable CPA networks. It emphasizes the efficiency and scalability of working with a CPA network, which aggregates products and offers for affiliates, saving time and allowing them to focus on generating traffic and tracking profits.

12 May 2023

Mother’s Day spending is expected to reach a record of $35.7 billion in 2023, indicating an opportunity for advertisers and publishers. By analyzing Taboola readership data and commerce trends, advertisers can gain insights into consumer behavior and plan their marketing campaigns accordingly, while publishers can create engaging e-commerce content tailored to moms and their families.

9 May 2023

Did you know May is Mental Health Awareness Month? Join Taboola to help increase awareness about mental health and wellness.

8 May 2023

Taboola has analyzed data on its advertiser and publisher networks to see which campaigns and content drove the most engagement around Presidents’ Day. Articles about specific brands, promotions offering big savings and items in the home and fashion categories were popular, while ad visuals with color, people, photos, close-up shots and no text performed well.

20 April 2023

Women in Leadership Lessons & Learnings Meta: To celebrate Women’s History Month, Taboola hosted a Women in Leadership event with professionals from Bloomberg, SHE Media, and 4A’s

6 April 2023

In this blog post, Taboola explores the use of generative AI tools such as ChatGPT in content marketing. Taboola offers simple ways to use ChatGPT to optimize and improve ad copy, email marketing, landing pages, SEO, and repurposing content.

30 March 2023

Experts from The Independent, Time Out, and Platia Digital discussed AI-powered personalization tools, human-AI collaboration, benefits, challenges, and real-time data usage in newsrooms during a Taboola panel.

28 March 2023

Women still face workplace challenges hindering success. Businesses can foster equality through policies, leadership roles, flexibility, leave, and ERGs. Taboola exemplifies this.

27 March 2023

Drive app downloads directly from your mobile ads with Taboola’s new App Install format. Cut out the extra step and increase conversions. Learn more and get started today.

24 March 2023

In Taboola’s interview with Emiliano Amicuzi, Co-Founder & CEO of BidBerry, we take a look at how BidBerry has leveraged Taboola’s products and features to achieve success.

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