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If you’re looking to make money through financial services without becoming a banker or accredited financial advisor, why not consider making money through financial services affiliate marketing?

More people than ever before spend time online doing their banking, borrowing, investing, and financial planning. And financial service businesses are prepared to work with online publishers and website owners, and other businesses to get their brands in front of prospective customer. In fact, eMarketer reports that 76% of financial services firms are ready to collaborate.


If you are looking for a high ticket affiliate marketing niche, adding financial services to your affiliate lineup could be a great additional income stream for Q4 of 2020 and beyond. As the graph below shows, Q4 brings marketing opportunities for financial content worldwide, so now is a good time to start building financial services marketing affiliate relationships.


5 Best Financial Services Affiliate Programs

You might be wondering ‘ Do banks have affiliate programs?’ Or maybe you want to know ‘what are the best finance affiliate marketing programs?’ And the answer to your first question is yes, many banks, financial institutions and also credit card companies offer affiliate programs.

While there are many financial affiliate marketing programs to choose from, here are some of the best for affiliate marketers.

In no particular order, here are five financial affiliate programs to consider.

#1. USAA Credit Cards

Site: USAA

USAA Affiliate Program Site

CPA $60.72

Commission Rate $25 per lead

Cookie Duration: unknown

#2. Lifelock

Website: Lifelock

Lifelock Affiliate Program Site

CPA $310.00

Commission Rate up to $110

Cookie Duration 30 days

#3. Lending Tree

Website: Lending Tree

Lending Tree Affiliate Program Site

CPA $336.67

Commission Rate up to $70 per lead

Cookie Duration 14 days

#4. Ally

Website: Ally

Ally Affiliate Program Site

CPA $931.09

Commission Rate $25 – $50 per lead

Cookie Duration 45 days

#5. Barclays US Online Savings

Website: Barclays US Online Savings

Barclays US Online Affiliate Program Site

CPA To be determined

Commission Rate $2 per sale

Cookie Duration 45 days

Promoting Financial Affiliate Programs

Once you select the financial affiliate marketing programs best suited to your business and audience, think about how you will attract traffic to your site and your affiliate links.

It’s important to realize that the financial niche is highly competitive, and attracts some of the top affiliate marketers. Yet it is indeed possible to enjoy success and generate an income stream using affiliate marketing for finance services.

However, what you’ll need is a content marketing, advertising and promotion strategy that is creative, unique, and compelling. Choose Taboola as a powerhouse platform for your content management campaigns.

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