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If you’re looking to make money from real estate without becoming a real estate agent or investing in property, it’s time to consider real estate affiliate marketing. More people than ever before go online to meet their real estate needs. In fact, in 2018 the National Association of Realtors reported that 50% of homebuyers found their house online.


Real estate affiliate marketing is for people interested in making moneyonline and boosting income through real estate related-businesses. If this sounds like you, use this article to find the real estate affiliate marketing programs best suited to your own online business and style.

What is Real Estate Affiliate Marketing?

Making money when someone completes a transaction through your affiliate link for a real estate related product or service is referred to as real estate affiliate marketing. This includes buying, selling, and renting real estate as well as referring people to real estate courses and businesses that provide real estate supplies such as signs, video or print products.

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Real estate affiliate marketing programs can vary in their commission payment methods, amounts and program details.

Before jumping into affiliate marketing in real estate, learn more about affiliate marketing with this affiliate marketing beginners guidewhich gives a good overview of how this type of marketing works.

Real estate affiliate marketing could be considered among the high ticket affiliate programs which require specific expert knowledge of an industry or product and pay generous commissions to affiliates. Dating affiliate programs is another example for such a niche.

Top 6 Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs

So just what are the best real estate affiliate marketing programs in the USA to promote?

In no particular order, here are the 6 best real estate affiliate programs to consider. Think of this as your own personal real estate affiliate marketing directory.

#1. Avail Affiliate Program (acquired by®)

Site: Avail Affiliate Partner Program

How the Program Works

Manage your unique referral code and marketing assets from your affiliate partner dashboard to share Avail (part of the® network) with your audience and earn a commission from all confirmed new Avail signups.

The Sign Up Process

Apply to be a partner through the website and your application is reviewed within 48 hours by the Avail team.

Highlights of Using the Program

  • Dedicated Affiliate Marketing Manager. Partner one-on-one with an Affiliate Marketing Manager to create and launch a custom affiliate marketing plan!
  • 60-Day Tracking Cookie. Receive credit for new Avail referrals on a first-touch attribution basis. All referrals are tagged with a 60-day cookie, maximizing your chances to earn commissions.
  • Complimentary Avail Unlimited Plus. To ensure you’re set up with the best product, after ten confirmed referrals you qualify for receiving Unlimited Plus free of cost!

#2. Real Estate Express

Site: Real Estate Express

How the Program Works

The Real Estate Express Program offers online real estate sales courses to students.

The Sign Up Process

Sign up to become an affiliate for free right on their website.

Highlights of Using the Program

  • commission is 20% on every sale
  • cookie policy is 100 days
  • payouts are after every 15 days

#3. VRBO

Website: VRBO

How the Program Works

VRBO pairs renters looking for short-term rental properties with landlords around the world. Currently, VRBO has over 2 million property listings.

The Sign-Up Process

Sign up to become a VRBO real estate affiliate for free through their affiliate page here. Their affiliate program runs through the Commission Junction platform so you’ll need to open an account with them.

Highlights of Using the Program

  • commission is up to 3% for every traveler you refer who rents a VRBO listing, or $20 for every new listing you refer to VRBO
  • cookie policy – TC
  • payouts are monthly

#4. Real Estate Affiliates

Website: Real Estate Affiliates

How the Program Works

Earn money three different ways as a real estate affiliate marketer through Real Estate Affiliates – Cost Per Action (CPA) you get paid when you send traffic to their advertisers, Cost Per Lead (CPL) you get paid when your referral register with the advertiser and their contact details get confirmed, and Revenue Share where you earn an ongoing commission for every transaction your referral traffic generates through the advertiser.

The Sign Up Process

Registration is quick and easy right on the Real Estate Affiliates sign up page.

Highlights of Using the Program

  • commission is up to 25%
  • cookie policy is 60 days
  • payouts are twice a month via PayPal or Wire Transfer

#5. Corporate Housing By Owner

Website: Corporate Housing by Owner

How the Program Works

This program matches up homeowners and renters looking for short term rentals for corporate workers. Place banners, ads or links on your site to attract people interested in offering or finding short term rentals.

The Sign Up Process

Corporate Housing by Owner runs its affiliate program through the Shareasale platform. It’s free to sign up. Open a Shareasale account here.

Highlights of Using the Program

  • commission is 15% to
  • cookie policy is 45 days
  • Payouts – through ShareaSale

#6. Buildium

Website: Buildium

How the Program Works

Buildium offers property management software – perfect for an apartment building or rental property companies. Place ads and banners on your site to attract users.

The Sign Up Process

Apply to become a Buildium real estate marketing affiliate through the Impact platform here.

Highlights of Using the Program

  • commission is 25% for customer purchases, $10 for
  • cookie policy is 60 days days
  • payouts work like this – they get locked 10 days after the last day of the month they’re tracked, and invoiced on the 12 day of the month after they lock. Approved transactions get paid 10 days after the end of the day they lock.

How to Maximize Your Real Estate Affiliate Income?

After choosing the right real estate affiliate marketing program to suit your needs, it’s time to work on driving traffic to your site to make sure your affiliate links get clicks. You’ll find several popular digital marketing promotion methods in the real estate affiliate marketing industry. (Similar to the financial affiliate marketing industry.)

On-Site and Post-Specific SEO

Search engine optimization of your website and each blog post helps drive traffic from search engines to your site. Choose relevant keyword phrases for your posts to attract users interested in real estate.

Become an Influencer

When you become recognized as an Influencer on social media like Instagram, readers respect your expertise and advice. Position yourself for success by demonstrating your real estate expertise, and aligning content with natural real estate advertising.

Run Campaigns

Targeted advertising campaigns can all be effective traffic-driving methods. Choose Taboola as a great platform for content management campaigns.

Affiliate marketing in real estate doesn’t need to be difficult. Do your research, set up your real estate affiliate marketing plans, and you’ll soon be on your way to becoming one of the top affiliate marketers.

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