The finance industry today presents a greater dichotomy than ever before between longtime institutions and brand new disruptors.

On top of this division is the need to cater to younger, more skeptical audiences, 71% of whom report that they’d prefer a visit to the dentist’s office over listening to what a bank tells them. Reaching them may seem hard, but it doesn’t have to be––it just requires getting creative.  

That was the impetus behind our Finance Benchmark Report, full of current trends and insights backed by data to help you achieve global content discovery success.

We crunched the numbers to highlight the best opportunities––areas with low supply and high demand––for finance marketers to subtract the competition.

We define supply by percentage of spend on a type of content across the Taboola network and demand as click-through-rate (CTR).

Now, let’s get into the data.

Finance Industry Benchmark Report

Best Content Types For Finance Creatives

The best content types––videos, articles, photos––vary by country. Globally, there’s a large supply of text-based content, but it’s not being met with nearly enough demand to warrant its popularity. The largest opportunities for finance marketers are found in campaigns with video landing pages––a medium with demand, but a lack of supply to meet it. 

Creative Best Practices for Finance Marketers

Within the pages of the Finance Benchmark Report, you’ll find the full breakdown of best practices for building successful creatives for video and sponsored content campaigns.

Here are just a few of the image trends that are proven to increase the success of finance marketing creatives. Including an animal in an image, for example, is shown to improve lead generation by +3.97%.

Download the full report to see more photo recommendations on trends like distance vs text vs. no text, including food vs. leaving it out, using an indoor setting vs. outdoor, and more.

Our sponsored content recommendations also dive into the most popular headline keywords to increase clicks.

Here are some examples of high performing headlines based on the keywords:

  • 12 Budgeting Recommendations Right From a Financial Advisor  
  • The Real Reason Credit Card Security is so Important  
  • Cashing a Check has Never Been Easier With This Mobile Bank

Time of Year Opportunities

For finance marketers, certain times of year bring about big opportunities. Here’s when we recommend increasing your content discovery budget:

Competitive KPIs in Finance Marketing

Lastly, we took a close look at the finance campaigns across our network and highlighted the KPIs we saw being targeted the most frequently:

More Where That Came From… 

Download the full Finance Benchmark Report for insights on:

  • More efficient audience targeting
  • Recommendations for device targeting (for desktop, mobile and tablet)
  • Recommendations for site targeting 
  • Data-backed insights on the times of day and days of the week with the greatest opportunity.
  • …and more.
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