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Native advertising and affiliate marketing are two of the most valuable marketing strategies available to businesses today. So, why not take the best of both worlds and use them together?

Think about it. Affiliate marketing is all about traffic. It’s about reaching built-in audiences across niche communities, enticing them to click, and delivering high-quality content.

Native advertising isn’t too different, but it takes your affiliate promotional methods even further by delivering more personalized, visually engaging content that matches the surrounding context.

And, it reaches readers at just the right time. It lets you increase your chances of making money and building new audiences.

Sound like a plan?

Here are five ways native advertising can help you drive affiliate marketing success.

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1. Increase Your Website Traffic

Native advertising drives an 8.8x higher clickthrough rate (CTR) than traditional display ads. That’s because it’s made to match the form and function of the content around it.

It doesn’t disrupt the user experience. It fits right into it, providing readers with more information that meets their interests.

Many advertisers already appreciate this major benefit of native advertising. Right behind the entire video category (native or not), native ads are one of the biggest factors driving U.S. digital display ad spend in 2021, with native ad spend exceeding $52 billion in 2020.

Affiliate spend, meanwhile, is forecast to reach $9.2 billion by 2022 — a jump from $5.4 billion in 2017.

Us native display ad spending 2016-2020

2. Target Specific Audience Segments

Affiliate marketing can be deployed across niches, such as real estate, finance, or dating.

There are even specific affiliate programs and websites for each community, such as USAA Credit Cards for military members or Buildium for rental property companies.

Buildium Affiliate program

Native advertising also helps marketers reach target audience segments at scale, especially when done programmatically. And it pays off:

72% of customers only engage with ads personalized to their interests.

That’s why Taboola pulls data from over 1.5 billion readers across our publisher network to help advertisers target people based on their unique demographics, interests, and behaviors.

We also help businesses retarget people who’ve expressed interest in what they offer and need an extra nudge to continue engaging with their brand.

Take mattress company Leesa. This business wanted to reach customers who were in the researching and consideration stage of their journey.

It worked with Taboola to analyze real-time data about audience preferences and run retargeting campaigns to re-engage people who’d visited the Leesa site. By reaching these people with personalized content recommendations, the brand generated thousands of leads and saw a 5.7 times return on ad spend.

Taboola - leesa affiliate example

3. Promote High-Quality Content

Affiliate marketing is often associated with embedded links in articles or Buy Now buttons.

It takes the user right to a product page, as in this example from Gear Patrol, an affiliate-run review site:

Gear Patrol affiliate program

Native advertising, on the other hand, offers a deeper approach. It hooks people with educational or entertaining information — such as an article, video, or landing page – where they can learn more about the world of your brand.

USA Today, for example, provides readers with sponsored videos, blog posts, and landing pages at the end of its articles, giving people an opportunity to keep consuming content instead of jumping right onto a sales page.

USA Today affiliate example

4. Engage People at Just the Right Moment

As the human attention span continues to dwindle, it’s critical that brands reach readers in just the right instant.

human attention span graph

Enter native advertising, which allows marketers to reach readers in the “moment of next.” This is that moment when they’re done reading an article and ready to engage with something new — be it another article or video.

Native advertising also blends in with the rest of the page. It helps people experience a seamless transition from reading organic content to reading advertised content; plus it reduces the risk that they’ll grow frustrated or click away.

increase in attentiveness and emotional response

Traditional affiliate marketing, meanwhile, might just place a link in the middle of an article or in an influencer’s social media bio.

Yes, these strategies drive clicks and engagement, but they also disrupt the user experience. Native advertising takes into account the idea that the reader came to the site they’re on to consume content they like.

The best chance you have of keeping them interested is to meet them in that mindset — in that moment of next — and give them more of what they’re looking for.

5. Expand Your Reach Across Premium Publishers

There are many affiliate networks to choose from. While they help you scale your efforts, they can’t always guarantee the highest-quality placements and publisher partnerships.

With native advertising, however, marketers can often handpick their placements — as with BuzzFeed’s sponsored content program — or work with native advertising platforms that have established relationships with premium publishers.

BuzzFeed’s sponsored content program

Taboola builds exclusive partnerships with the world’s top publishers, inviting advertisers to expand their audiences by launching native advertising campaigns across these high-traffic sites.

Bloomberg Taboola

Final Thoughts

Native advertising and affiliate marketing don’t need to stand alone. Used together, they are powerful tools for driving engagement and generating revenue. Especially today as publishers enjoy increased traffic, advertisers should find new ways to diversify their ad operations and reach built-in audiences with personalized content.

Native advertising for affiliate marketers makes sense. It provides a valuable opportunity for businesses to deliver seamless, non-intrusive ad experiences across top publisher sites where audiences are ready to consume new content — including yours.

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