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19 January 2021

Not all cookies are the same. There are first-party cookies and third-party cookies. Taboola, has our own first-party cookie.

25 January 2019

If you are using web cookies to operate your online business you probably know already that just like in real life, cookies do not last long. This is an especially known fact to whoever uses online cookies to store unique user IDs. Most online marketing companies rely on cookies for that purpose, but when cookies disappear – it makes it harder for them get persistent user data. Interested to know for how long does a cookie really last? in this post I’ll try to provide some answers. Who is eating web cookies? Cookies can disappear for various reasons, such as: Clearing the browser historical data by the user Setting the browser to reject third-party cookies Using tools that clean up your device and free up storage space Use of VPNs, Ad Blockers and more. One very common reason cookies disappear is the use of private browsing modes such as Incognito […]

4 September 2018

Modeling characteristics of your current customers and then using it to target similar audiences is one of the most effective targeting strategies.

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