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1 July 2020

This post is not about K8S – nor is it about AWS. It is not about containers – nor is it about some new, “cool” technology for managing large-scale applications. Rather, this post is about how we deploy a highly sophisticated Java service, a heavy service that is very actively developed on a daily basis, to 1000s of servers across our 7 data centers around the world.   So what’s the problem? Isn’t it enough to take a list of servers, get the version to deploy and run it with an automation tool like ansible?  Well, it’s not as simple as it might seem. This service serves Taboola’s recommendations and responds to hundreds of thousands requests per second. The service has to be fast – so fast that its p95 should be below 500 milliseconds per request. Which means we can’t have any downtime at all, or even afford slower […]

16 January 2019

Ever thought about presenting your work to others? Talking in a meetup or a conference? In the past I couldn’t even think about it, I thought that it’s not for me and I won’t get any benefit from it at all. In the last year and a half, things have started to change.   In the following post I will share how the will for continuous improvement took me out of my comfort zone, and put me in places and scenarios I never imagined. I started my journey in the software development world 8 years ago. I had some knowledge, and almost no experience. I studied industrial engineering and didn’t think I would practice software development.  But things changed and I found my first role as a manual QA engineer, then QA automation engineer, automation developer, and in the last 5 years DevOps / Release engineer.   I was always […]

30 May 2018

Do you know that feeling when you’ve finished working on a feature, pushed the code, but then your CI system refuses to respond? Lagging or slow responsiveness is very common among Jenkins users, and you can find many reported issues on it. Slow CI systems are frustrating, they make you develop slower and waste your time. I have worked on several Jenkins systems with various versions (1.x and 2.x), tens of slaves and hundreds of builds per day. I have managed to improve the performance of those systems using a few simple guidelines. In the following post I will share 5 tips that can make your Jenkins better, and put a smile on your developers’ faces.   Tip 1: Minimize the amount of builds on the master node The master node is where the application is actually running, this is the brain of your Jenkins and, unlike a slave, it […]

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