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17 September 2019

Introduction Newsrooms are under constant pressure to deliver the most up to date, relevant, and engaging information possible. At Taboola, we are building tools to make this faster, easier, and now–predictable. As soon as an article is published the team has a critical eye on engagement data. Garnering insight on article performance as soon as possible is critical for guiding content strategy. Some articles receive wide attention immediately, drawing hundreds of thousands of page views within minutes, others may only see the first page view after a few hours. Taboola aims to narrow this gap even further by leveraging Machine Learning Models to predict article performance the moment after it becomes available to the reader. Read on for details on our latest research and fascinating discoveries around predicting article performance! Article Data Taboola Newsroom is a real-time optimization technology that empowers editorial teams with actionable data around what stories,  headlines, […]

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