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21 August 2019

Synchronized Clocks: Someone has to be blamed…   I blame Ariel.  He took one look at the five analog wall clocks set to timezones for various offices and said “I hate that”.  I looked to see why. Yes, all the second has were wildly different and the minute hands were all slightly off too.  I’d been thinking about what my next electronics project would be. “How hard could this be?” Goals Thinking about what I’d want this to do I came up with a few goals: Correct and accurate time via NTP (Network Time Protocol) No two clocks should differ more than 100ms, they should all appear to tick at the same instant. Battery operation.  About one year between battery changes. Automatic Daylight Savings Time adjustments Remember clock position/state on power loss Inexpensive – less than $20 in parts, not including the clock & batteries.   Initial Research    Started with […]

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