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No matter how beautiful your landing pages are, it’s the copy that makes the most difference to how effectively a landing page converts visitors. From the headline to the call-to-action (CTA), every aspect of landing page copywriting is fundamental to helping you to achieve your goal of getting leads and sales.

In this guide, we look at how to write landing page content that converts. We also share some best practices and content landing page examples to inspire you.

The Advertiser's Launch List for Landing Pages that Convert

8 Landing Page Copywriting and Content Marketing Tips with Examples

Here are our top tips on how to write landing page content that converts to help you win leads and sales.

1. Write a Compelling Headline

Here’s ‘how to write a good landing page 101.’ Your headline is one of the most important parts of the landing page. That’s because, as Nielsen Norman Group points out, people tend to skim the content of any web page to make sure it’s giving them what they need. This applies to landing pages, too.

The best landing page headlines reassure visitors that they’re in the right place and let them know there’s something worth their while in the page content. If you follow landing page content best practices, your headline will:

  • Relate to the copy that brought people to the landing page in the first place, fulfilling the promise of your promotion or post
  • Be personal and active – use the word “you” and include a verb
  • Address the visitor’s core problem and your solution
  • Be clear and easy to see

Since headlines are usually short, many people use the subhead to add more information and keep visitors interested. The example below from Unbounce gets a lot of things right (including a few tips I’ll share later in this guide). It:

  • Addresses visitors directly
  • Highlights the benefit of increased conversion
  • Shows that the process is quick and easy (in the copy below the headline)

how to write landing page content - unbounce example

2. Sell the Experience or Solution

Here’s another tip about landing page content marketing: nobody cares about the features of your product or service, not at first anyway. What they DO care about is whether you understand and can solve their problem. And, they also care about how they will feel when you solve their problem.

That’s why the best landing page copywriting focuses on benefits, rather than features. It’s about what’s in it for your visitor, rather than what you want to achieve. Get the balance right, and you make visitors happy and meet your own business goals. Ideally, your landing page copy will make your visitors’ experience an emotional one, where they understand how your solution will change their lives.

how to write a good landing page - khan academy

Khan Academy Kids focuses on joyful learning in its headline – who doesn’t want that, right? The copy supports this with words such as “discovery” and “fun.” There’s also a video to reinforce how wonderful the learning experience is.

3. Make Your Landing Page Scannable

Since visitors tend to skim, give their eyes a reason to pause. The headline and subhead are good starting points, but continue that in the copy too. Formatting, such as bold text, gives visitors something to pay attention to, and you can also use bullet points to break up your copy and highlight key information.

landing page copywriting example

In the example above, life coach Thomas Edwards highlights key phrases in bold. These correspond to the pain points his visitors experience.

4. Back Up Your Claims

Another useful landing page content strategy tip is to get specific about facts and figures. The more you generalize, the more shady you look. In contrast, when you cite specific numbers and percentages, your landing page copy is immediately more trustworthy and believable. This backs up your claim that your product or service helps your visitors.

landing page content marketing example

This landing page for the Content Marketing Playbook is excellent. It uses two sets of numbers to impress visitors. First, there’s the number of years its creator has been collecting the information. Second, there are the tens of millions of visitors that support the book’s content. In addition, there’s a simple CTA and a testimonial.

5. Include Testimonials

Related to that, people want to know that others like them trust you. Social proof is a powerful tool. Think about it: when you read positive reviews, don’t they nudge you a little closer to deciding to buy? It’s the same for your landing page visitors.

Customer testimonials improve the trust factor and make visitors more comfortable, so include them. You’ll have to test to see whether a static or video testimonial works best, but one way or another you need a testimonial or two on that landing page.

Let’s return to Unbounce for an example.

content landing page examples - testimonials

This testimonial is useful because it:

  • Includes the name and face of a real person, building trust
  • Mentions the benefits
  • Builds more trust by adding the logo of a known brand

6. Use Plain Language

That same Nielsen Norman research shows that clear, concise content wins over flowery words and phrases every time. Use obscure language and you lose your visitors before they have time to convert.

The best landing page content keeps it simple. Depending on the context, you can do this by:

  • Addressing visitors directly, using “you”
  • Using everyday language
  • Using short sentences
  • Being conversational

The more you write like a person talking to another person, the more likely your landing page will convert. Oh, and don’t be afraid to break a couple of pedantic grammatical rules – that’s how real people talk.

landing page content examples

You can’t get much plainer language than the example above from FYI. Here’s what it does right:

  • Uses the headline to address the visitor’s pain point (not being able to find stuff)
  • Shows key integrations in an image, and backs it up with the subhead copy
  • Qualifies visitors by asking for a work email address
  • Adds additional benefits just under the CTA button, which draws the eye

7. Close the Deal With Your CTA

The CTA is where you ask landing page visitors to take action. That’s why nailing the CTA is one of the most crucial landing page best practices. The thing is: if you don’t ask, you won’t get. So, not only do you have to make sure all your landing page copy and images support the CTA, you also have to ask your visitors to act.

CTA button copy is usually short, so every word counts. Depending on the situation, you’ll likely use a verb or address the reader directly, along with a time-based word, if it’s appropriate.

landing page content strategy - cta

This landing page from GetResponse works because it:

  • Addresses its visitors’ key priority – marketing their business online
  • Includes a subtle CTA in the headline
  • Has a simple CTA that emphasizes that there’s no cost, minimizing risk
  • Repeats the CTA at the top of the page, so visitors have two chances to click

8. A/B Test Your Copy

Finally, running landing page tests is an essential aspect of landing page copywriting. It’s the only way to be sure your copy gets the best results. A/B testing is a useful conversion optimization tool that lets you change one element at a time to see which version of a landing page gets better conversions.

You can use Taboola as an A/B testing tool for your landing page copy, looking at options for headlines, videos, and more.

A/B test your landing page content marketing with Taboola

Once you figure out which element works best, move on to test other parts of the landing page till you have the perfect combination.


If you’re wondering how to generate leads, landing page copywriting is a good starting point. The landing page content examples above show how your headline, subhead, copy, testimonials, and CTA work together to attract and convert visitors. Now, it’s over to you to get started with your own landing page content.

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