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10 October 2018

Imagine you’re walking down the street and you see a nice car you’re thinking of buying. Just by pointing your phone camera, you can see relevant content about that car. How cool is that?! That was our team’s idea that awarded us first place in the recent Taboola R&D hackathon aptly named – Taboola Zoom!   Every year Taboola holds a global R&D hackathon for its 350+ engineers aimed at creating ideas for cool potential products or just some fun experiments in general. This year, 33 teams worked for 36 hours to come up with ideas that are both awesome and helpful to Taboola. Some of the highlights included a tool that can accurately predict the users’ gender based on their browsing activity and an integration to social networks for Taboola Feed. Our team decided to create an AR (Augmented Reality) application that allows a user to get content recommendations, […]

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