Our self-service platform enables thousands of entrepreneurs to be discovered on premium sites, and we couldn’t be more excited to announce that it’s growing.

We grew to nearly $100 million in run rate since launching a year ago, in 2016, and have helped global founders, marketers and agencies grow important businesses, and we’ve helped many realize game-changing success.

We’re honored to have been able to support founders from companies like Flare Audio and Goodgames Studios, who have taken advantage of the opportunity of widespread consumer discovery and growth through Taboola on the open web.

Flare Audio helps artists be heard the way they want to be heard.

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The rising success of our self-service platform is built on the backs of amazing companies and founders who have amazing missions. Flare Audio wanted to bring bring a quality sound experience to the masses with better headphones—because every artist deserves to be heard the way they want to be heard.

With Taboola, they found the reach they needed to grow—the user mindset, reach and effectiveness of discovery is unparalleled to any other option out there.

“The reason Taboola is great is they have so much reach, and they have so much control over that reach.

Taboola’s on so many of the world’s premium websites—we want people to see our content and think ‘that’s a solution that fits our needs’, and Taboola is incredibly important to us as we go on to our next step.”

– Davies Roberts, Founder, Flare Audio.

Goodgames provides a beautiful escape for gamers.

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A team made up of artists and creatives, Goodgames started small and grew really fast—their strategic games bring a beautiful escape to people of all shapes and sizes. With Taboola, they were able to reach them in the right environment at the right time:

“We are always looking for way to find new, quality users and Taboola has a really easy way of targeting the right users to bring them to your content.

The native layout is important because a lot of the time people are getting bombarded with different ads. When you make it more relevant for them, the user experience is much more fluid.”

– Mary Jin-Hee Kim, Senior Online Marketing Manager, Goodgame Studios.

Anyone should be able to afford to realize their dream, and that’s why we want to enable brands of every size—from the world’s largest airlines to the neighborhood flower shop—to scale with any budget and with the resources they already have.”

It’s really easy to get started.

Taboola self-service includes an easy-to-use platform that offers entrepreneurs and small businesses access to a massive new user base through Taboola’s thousands of publisher partners.

You can get started with just a single piece of content, or more if you have it. Our small and medium business owners are successful targeting new consumers with everything from media coverage, to blog posts, to product landing pages.

Through Taboola’s Backstage Campaign Management tool, marketers and advertisers gain full control of campaigns to target specific audiences (now even by time of day), tightly manage budget and cost per click (CPC) targets and optimize by creative, A/B test keywords or images using Getty Images, and view real-time performance reports to adjust campaigns as needed.

As our self-service platform business grows, we look forward to helping more companies achieve their dreams, and to connecting more people to content, products and companies they may like but never knew existed.

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