Digital and brand marketers worldwide follow one well-known mantra when it comes to online advertising and content distribution—test, test, and test some more.

You test headlines, images, targeting parameters, and traffic sources—but it is not always possible to have lots of high-quality images on hand, and it can get a little cumbersome to switch out images and headlines quickly across several channels.

Our recently-announced partnership with Getty Images streamlines creative testing for marketers and makes A/B testing for better campaign performance easy.

“We want every Taboola campaign to be both simple to launch and as successful as possible,” says Adam Singolda, CEO and Founder at Taboola.

“Our partnership with Getty Images will make it quick and seamless for marketers to choose from among an array of high-quality, relevant images for each campaign; test and optimize those images for performance; and maximize results.”

Our partnership not only opens up access to diverse, high-quality images—but to images that are 100 percent free, licensed for use, and already uploaded in Taboola’s Backstage platform. Say goodbye to tedious licensing, downloading and re-uploading of several images for the purpose of optimizing your campaign.

It just got really easy to optimize creatives for your campaigns.

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Getty Images is a world leader in visual communications, and as such, they know the complexity behind choosing the right visual as a marketer.

“Consumers are more visually literate than ever, making it crucial that the right images are selected to land your message in today’s noisy consumer environment,” says Michael Dreyer, Senior Director Business Development at Getty Images.

“As the industry leader for over 20 years, Getty Images is home to a depth and breadth of powerful content that is second to none, and through this partnership, Taboola clients will have efficient and curated access to 80 million of these premium still images and illustrations.”

Brands, small businesses, and agencies running campaigns with Taboola will still be able to upload specific images in Backstage, but will now automatically receive alternative suggestions from Getty Images based on the input content or chosen keywords.

You can instantly swap out imagery related to your page, product, or app without leaving the Taboola ecosystem.

These are our recommendations for the most highly effective creatives.

getty images taboola

Getty Images’ inventory is extremely diverse, which is good news for marketers looking to test. A/B testing is proven to increase campaign results, and this integration makes testing creatives seamless—so you can send the right message at the right time.

Our creative strategy team analyzes our network regularly for insights into the best-performing images and headlines. Here are some insights on imagery, based on click through rate (CTR).

  • We see an 89% increase in CTR for photographs over cartoons, illustrations, and clip-art
  • We see a 45% increase in CTR for images of indoor settings
  • We see a 19% increase in CTR for black and white images over color
  • We see a 15% higher CTR for images of animals. Among animals, panda bears seem to be the favorite!
  • In images of people, genuine smiles generate a 12% higher CTR, while eye contact generates a 9% CTR boost

Here at Taboola, we’re always looking for ways that marketers can get better performance out of their campaigns. We’re confident that our partnership with Getty Images will allow for more in-depth testing and a more seamless campaign creation experience.

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