Every year, we sit down to figure out what worked, what didn’t and how we can make it better next time.

This of course applies to every facet of every business, but it’s particularly true for marketers who are looking to get the maximum return on their advertising spend—especially for the agencies looking to maximize that spend on behalf of their clients.

We wholeheartedly believe that the best approach to maximizing your budget is the data-driven approach—and that means capitalizing on opportunity.

When it comes to content distribution, we define opportunity at the intersection of supply and demand. When there is high demand for content but low supply…bingo: that’s a high opportunity.

To get even more specific, we define demand in this context as a click-through-rate (CTR). If someone is clicking on a piece of content, we assume they want to see it. Supply is the percentage of spend that marketers have allocated toward that type of content on our network.

Opportunity is different for every industry, especially when it comes to seasonality.

In order to help you fill in your advertising calendar and plan your spend efficiently, we’ve collected a round-up of opportunity by time of year for 11 industries.

The Months That Consumers Actually Want Your Products (in 11 Different Industries) by Canva Presentations

Let’s dive in.

Auto: January and August

Auto marketers should be looking at bumping up their budgets in January, July and at the beginning of August.

This uptick in demand for auto-related content could be linked to the famous Detroit Auto Show, which is hosted in January, as well as car sales, which traditionally spike in the summer months.

campaign planning time of year (1)

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Beauty and Fashion: January, October and November

Beauty and fashion marketers should be focused on January, October and November spend.

High opportunity in January could be attributed to the post-holiday shopping buzz or the lead-in to Fashion Weeks in New York City, Milan and London, which all happen in February.

The demand in October and November could be related to the lengthening holiday shopping season, as more and more people start their hunt for gifts early.

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Business: January, September and October

Business marketers, you’re missing out on the time of year when employees are planning for the future—January.

Demand also picks up again just before September, as businesses prepare their budgets for another fiscal year.

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Dating: July and Through the Holidays

Dating content starts strong in alignment with demand in the beginning of the year but slowly declines as the year goes on. The months that marketers should really be focusing on are July, October, November and December.

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Education: August to November

No surprise here—leading into the school year, and just past its beginning, is a hot time for education content. Surprisingly, there’s not enough content out there to service the demand.

campaign planning time of year (5)

This is what we recommend for creative planning during the back-to-school season and the holidays.

Finance: January, November and December

The end of the year leading into the New Year is the best time to capitalize on distributing finance content on the open web.

As consumers look to get a handle on their finances in the New Year, and businesses dive into planning, there are plenty of possibilities for marketers.

campaign planning time of year (6)

At this time of year, you can couple your marketing efforts with the holidays. Here’s what we suggest.

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Food: October to December

The time of year that people are most likely spending with their families is coincidentally the time of year that they’re also most interested in food content—dinner party anyone?

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Health: December and January

Healthcare is especially important to consumers as the New Year approaches and ideas for resolutions start to sink in.

campaign planning time of year (8)

This is the time to ramp up your marketing efforts to capitalize on the spike in demand that doesn’t always exist throughout the rest of the year.

Home Goods: February, September and October

Home goods are particularly popular with consumers during February, September and October. Perhaps it’s the cold that keeps them inside their home in February or the fresh seasonal change of fall that inspires them.

Whatever the reason, it’s when you can best reach your consumers without your competition chattering in the background.

campaign planning time of year (9)

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Sports: January, July, September and November

Basically, sports marketers are missing out on demand from their fans when there’s not a big game to focus on.

Distribute sports-related content in between seasons to capitalize on the opportunity.

campaign planning time of year (10)

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Travel: January and April to June

The time when consumers are planning their summer vacations is also the time marketers should be capitalizing on content distribution.

campaign planning time of year (11)

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Conclusion: Timing is Everything

While you’ll certainly be running marketing campaigns during other months than these, it’s important to remember that timing is everything.

These are the months we recommend you give it that little extra push to reach your consumers when they want to be reached.

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