Business services and B2B technology aren’t always the easiest to market. Products and service offerings can get complicated, and clients often have personalized needs.

This makes running a successful digital campaign tough. Knowing who to target, where, at what time, and with what content can feel impossible.

The opportunity for marketers to run successful digital campaigns exists at the intersection between the supply of content and consumer demand for content. Opportunity happens where there isn’t as much content as there is demand.

Supply is defined by by the percentage of marketing spend on the open web dedicated to distributing content in the business and technology category. Demand is defined by click-through-rate (CTR), or the amount of people who have clicked through to read content in that category.

Research based on 15,946,015,575 impressions and 11,880,629 clicks in these categories across the Taboola network revealed exactly where the opportunity for business and technology marketers exists.

How to Start a Discovery Campaign From Scratch

There is a HUGE opportunity globally for business and technology related content.

In all 19 countries analyzed for this research, there is MORE demand for business and technology content on the open web than there is content to satisfy it.

business technology digital marketing data 1

This means business and technology marketers have a huge marketing opportunity globally for their digital campaigns.

Your campaigns are more likely to be seen on mobile devices.

It’s no secret that mobile device usage is growing across all industries, but you might still jump to the conclusion that business related content is still read on desktop devices in the office.

This isn’t the case. Campaigns targeting mobile devices on the open web have the highest demand compared to desktop and tablet devices.

You’re more likely to be successful targeting mobile devices when looking to reach audiences with business and technology related content.

business technology digital marketing data 2

Emarketer, confirms this continuing trend in the success of mobile advertising, but gives an interesting perspective on why this is occuring.

Younger generations like millennials are becoming key decision makers, which likely contributes to the rise of mobile use in the last 20 years. Mobile is what they know and is the device type they’re comfortable using, leaving desktop devices behind.

Target consumers when they’re most likely to click.

Time of day matters—it’s important that you not look to reach the right person with the right content, but that you also do so at the right time.

Savvy marketers take time of day into effect when choosing how to optimize campaigns. Supply of business and technology content stays stagnant throughout the day, but demand tells a different story for opportunity.

business technology digital marketing data 3

In the afternoon, around 3pm or 4pm local time globally, consumers are clicking more frequently.

Build the perfect campaign creative.

Choosing the right platform and time of day for your campaign is just a part of the battle—you’ll also need to build an eye-catching creative for consumers.

The foolproof tips will set you on the path towards a creative that converts:

  • Logos aren’t engaging images. Stay away from using your company’s logo as a thumbnail, this isn’t an effective visual strategy.
  • Illustrations are helpful. Contrary to other categories, cartoon thumbnails in the business and technology category entice consumers to click.
  • Keep your headlines simple. Stay away from numbers and statistics in your headline.
  • Ask consumers a question. Pose a question as a headline to pique consumer interest.

This B2B social tool increased app downloads by 30% with powerful creatives.

SOCIOPAL is a free mobile application geared for small businesses to help them manage their online marketing strategies at their fingertips.

They used distributed blog on the open web, while optimizing their campaigns for more downloads. Their results were outstanding. They targeted consumers in the right place at the right time, and kept their creatives simple.

business technology digital marketing data (4) test


Trends by industry and by country change weekly. We’ve got keyword and image trends updated weekly for the business and technology industry, in local languages, and across different geographies.

We’ll leave you with one thing in mind—just because something worked well for someone else doesn’t mean it will work well for your brand. Keep A/B testing different creatives, different audiences and different content pieces to ensure your campaign’s success.

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