Labor Day sales are just around the corner, and consumers are gearing up for big-time car sale opportunities that don’t come around every day.

Strategic dealerships and corporate branding teams have already started their campaigns for the season, but we’ve got a few last minute tips to support your Labor Day campaign this year.

Because of the local aspect of a car purchase and the high cost of a car, it is ever so important to make sure you are reaching the right consumer at the right time and in the right place.

We’ve got the data to show you how to maximize the opportunity and get in front of the right crowd—including device, keyword and image trends pulled this year to help you run the best possible digital campaign.

Auto Industry Benchmark Report

The biggest potential for auto sales is still in the United States (US).

The US has been at the forefront of consumerism ever since the end World War II, as told by this History of American Consumerism by PBS, and the auto industry has definitely followed suit. According to World’s Top Exports (WTE), in 2017 the US has the most imported cars, by a huge margin of $121 billion over Germany, which came in second place.

The demand trends we see online mirror the demand trends indicated by WTE’s import data—we took a look at how consumers were clicking on content on our network throughout the week, to find that US content-consumers, more than any other country, had a higher demand for auto-related content.

labor day auto data 1

Device targeting: reach auto consumers on mobile devices.

Consumers nowadays shop on the go, whether it’s with the cellphone in their pocket, a tablet in hand, or from their laptop in a coffee shop. All shoppers want is convenience, as this analysis from The Martech Series confirms.

So, which platform is truly the best for your Labor Day auto campaigns? After looking into our data, we saw that auto-related content received the most clicks on mobile devices, with desktop devices a close second.

labor day auto data 2

Forbes dove even deeper into this topic and built a comprehensive list that includes the difference between mobile and desktop platforms.

To sum it up, the rise in mobile advertising is because of sheer convenience and comfort. It is more accessible, eye catching, and pages normally contain less filler information that ends up driving people away from their originally intended purpose.

Creative: make the most of your Labor Day auto ads.

Now that you know the who, what, when, and where for your Labor Day campaign, your headlines and thumbnail creative are the final piece to making or breaking its success.

After analyzing some of the top auto campaigns running across our network, we’ve curated some tips and tricks to optimize your creatives:

  • Images of the outside of a vehicle perform better than those of the inside a vehicle.
  • Full car shots are much more appealing than close-ups.
  • Top performing close-up images include a person in the driver’s seat with a smile to sell the experience

You can see keyword and image trends updated weekly for the auto industry, in local languages, and across different geographies using Taboola Trends.

One key thing to keep in mind—just because something worked well for someone else doesn’t mean it’ll work well for your respective brand. Keep A/B testing different creatives, different audiences and different content pieces to ensure your campaign’s success.

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