We recently launched Taboola High Impact, a new advertising solution developed for brand marketers and agencies to help drive brand awareness.

Taboola High Impact includes new ad placements and access to a treasure trove of data and insights, but it also includes brand safety and suitability controls that provide peace of mind for advertisers without compromising campaign performance.

Advertising on News Sites Increases Brand Trust

A rise in controversial events and socio-economic impact from the pandemic has put more pressure than ever on brands and agencies to ensure their brand is safe.

Over the past year, this has resulted in many brands adopting traditional avoidance strategies and or action that over-strictly blocks entire categories, like news.

But, as IAB research shows us, advertising alongside news works.

84% of consumers feel that advertising within the news either increases or maintains brand trust.” – IAB

Over-blocking an entire category like news means you no longer have access to large portions of audiences or ad supply, and isn’t the most effective way to remain brand safe while still achieving results.

News is brand safe, increases brand trust, and drives business results… [it] shouldn’t be ignored.” – David Cohen, CEO, IAB

Our brand safety and suitability tools allow you to stay safe, while also reaching places where relevant consumers are engaged in high volume.

How Taboola High Impact Solutions Keeps Brands Safe

The Taboola High Impact solution unlocks the ability for brands to control what’s around their ad. For example, you can choose to purchase placements alongside editorial content exclusively.

We also recently launched a first-of-a-kind brand safety partnership with IAS. The integration of IAS’s technology into Taboola’s platform ensures that your ads will never never serve on sites or articles that don’t align to your preferred safety standards.

When you control where your ads are served and what surrounds them, you prevent ad adjacency pitfalls and ensure your safety standards are met, on every impression.

Working with Taboola, you can also leverage partnerships with the leading safety, verification, and measurement platforms, including IAS, DoubleVerify, and Moat.

We’re giving advertisers an intuitive way to ensure their ad placements are brand safe directly within Taboola’s technology.” – Craig Ziegler, SVP of Product Management, Integral Ad Science (IAS)

Finally, we’re TAG verified, meaning that we’ve received a TAG-ID, a unique, global identifier that allows all of our advertiser partners to verify our legitimacy and reputation via TAG.

If you’re interested in unlocking Taboola High Impact’s brand safety and suitability controls for your next campaign, reach out to your account manager or contact us.

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