When it comes to brand awareness, when and where you meet someone is just as important as what you say.

The placement of your brand’s message, and the context that surrounds it, can make or break an interaction with someone who hasn’t met you yet, or doesn’t know you well.

Taboola High Impact brings together ad format innovation in placements of high impact on premium editorial sites around the open web — which is becoming more and more important for brands.

In fact, 70% of businesses prioritize news sites as the most important communications channel, more than corporate websites, print media and social media.

It’s also why many brands worldwide are already using Taboola High Impact to support their brand awareness efforts, effectively reaching over 500 million daily active users across the world’s top publishers.

How One Leading Real Estate Brand Reached Over 345,000 Families Looking for New Homes with Taboola High Impact Placements

ImmoScout24 is Germany’s leading online platform for residential and commercial real estate. They support 13.8 million online users each month on their way to acquiring their new home or commercial space.

After COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic, ImmoScout24 wanted to reach young families who might be looking for new homes in a time when their home needed to operate as much more than just a home.

They developed a video ad creative with an incredibly unique message — their video didn’t showcase bedrooms, kitchens or bathrooms, but instead paid tribute to everyone’s first home — the womb.

They ran this video campaign using one of Taboola’s High Impact placements, allowing their video to be distributed in highly viewable places across top sites on the open web.

Placements Available in Taboola’s High Impact Solution

While we’ve traditionally been known for our placements at the bottom of the article, Taboola High Impact expands the opportunities for brands to connect with users throughout the publisher site.

ImmoScout24’s campaign exemplified how brands can use placements at the top of the Taboola Feed to drive high amounts of engagement and awareness in the moment of next — and is surrounded by brand safe organic content.

This placement is always followed by editorial content, ensuring that your brand is never surrounded by anything other than what you bargained for.

Brands are also able to reach people in key places, like homepages across sites on the open web, where their native ads sit alongside editorial content and are amongst the first recommendations a person sees when they land on a site.

Taboola High Impact also includes several other placements in highly visible areas, including the front of section pages, mid-article placements, mobile-integrated news apps, and soon to come, within Taboola stories, offering brands multiple opportunities to connect with more people to meet their awareness goals.

Our new placements are just one part of the Taboola High Impact solution — check out the rest of our series to see how our solution provides you with robust brand safety and adjacency controls, as well as how some of our brands have leveraged our powerful readership data and insights.

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