Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and marketers are getting romantic for their potential customers—they’re looking for that perfect customer match.

To support your content discovery campaigns this holiday, we’ve created a guide to finding your discovery campaign soul mate—that perfect one who wants to not only read your content, but hopefully become your customer.

We’ve laid out some of the best ways you can attract them; from the crafting the perfect headline, to the perfect photo to use, all the way down to the top words that attract clicks and conversions.

Your online dating guide to the perfect user awaits.

online dating guide

In this infographic, you’ll find:

  • Tips on building an effective strategy to seduce your perfect user
  • Strategies to create the most attractive and well-performing landing page
  • The secret to picking your prettiest content picture
  • Words that entice users to engage with your content

What are you waiting for? Check out the infographic now.

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