The holiday season is not only a time for celebration, but also a crucial period for businesses to connect with their target audience and boost sales. In the world of marketing, there’s a strategic approach known as the “Holiday Advertising Funnel” – a five-stage process that can help you navigate the festive waters and make the most of this magical time.

The Taboola Creative Shop, a worldwide in-house agency comprising a team of creative educators, has generously shared their expert strategies for making the most out of the “Holiday Advertising Funnel” – covering everything from the initial consideration stage to the final purchase phase – in Taboola’s highly anticipated Q4 2023 Holiday Creative Playbook. In this section of our holiday playbook, you’ll discover a comprehensive guide that not only provides strategic insights into consumer behavior throughout the holiday shopping period, but also offers practical tips on leveraging images and copy effectively.

If you’re curious to catch a glimpse of the funnel’s key insights, take a sneak peek below. Alternatively, if you’re eager to dive right in and access the full playbook, don’t hesitate to download it now.

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The Holiday Advertising Funnel & Timeline

Stage 1: Discovery (October 1st to 31st)

It all begins in October, as the leaves change color and the anticipation of the holidays builds. This is the month to introduce your brand or product to potential customers. Through well-crafted “discovery” ads, you can captivate your audience’s attention and leave a lasting impression.

Stage 2: Consideration (November 1st – 25th)

As November arrives, the focus shifts to research and consideration. Potential buyers are now looking into the products and services they might want to purchase during the holiday season. This is when you need to run ads that emphasize the benefits of your offerings and entice customers to choose you.

Stage 3: Purchase (Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday)

Thanksgiving ushers in the much-awaited “Cyber Five,” a five-day shopping extravaganza leading up to Black Friday. Retailers offer enticing discounts and promotions to drive sales. This is the golden opportunity to capture the attention of consumers and encourage them to make a purchase.

Stage 4: Urgent Purchase (December 1st to 25th)

December is the month when holiday shopping reaches its peak. The clock is ticking for last-minute shoppers to find the perfect gifts. It’s time to run ads that create a sense of urgency, reminding people to make those essential purchases before it’s too late.

Stage 5: Refresh (December 26th to January 15th)

Once the festivities are over, it’s time for “Q5.” This period offers a unique opportunity to clear out inventory and make way for the new year. Consider running clearance sales or offering gift cards to attract post-holiday shoppers.

Crafting Effective Holiday Creative: Tips to Shine Bright

As you embark on this enchanting journey, remember some essential tips to create irresistible holiday creative:

1. Focus on the Customer: Understand your customers’ needs and pain points. Tailor your creative to provide solutions and bring joy to their lives.

2. Keep It Simple: Avoid overwhelming your audience with too much information. Keep your creative clear, concise, and easy to understand.

3. Use a Strong Call to Action: Encourage action with a compelling call to action, guiding customers to “Shop now” or “Learn more.”

The holiday advertising funnel and timeline provide essential tools to connect with your target audience and make this season truly magical for your business. Discover more insights and trends, including:

Don’t miss Taboola’s Q4 2023 Holiday Creative Playbook. Unwrap the secrets to a successful holiday season by downloading the playbook today!

Join the holiday magic and seize the opportunity to make this festive season your most successful one yet!

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