During the holidays, it’s more important than ever for advertisers to be strategic about their creative campaigns in order to capture attention, drive sales, and make a lasting impression on consumers in today’s crowded digital landscape. To aid our advertising partners through the holiday season, The Taboola Creative Shop has shared their predictions for the top holiday creative trends in Taboola’s Q4 2023 Holiday Creative Playbook.

Download Taboola's Q4 2023 Holiday Creative Playbook

The Taboola Creative Shop has analyzed its highest converting Q4 campaigns from 2019 to 2022 to identify the key creative trends that have driven success. Here are just some of the trends they identified:

Attention, essentials, and ease

In 2023, the holiday season is all about capturing attention, focusing on must-haves, and making shopping a breeze for your customers. Here’s how you can sleigh (see what we did there?) your creative campaigns and make this holiday season your best one yet:

  • Capture Their Attention: In today’s digital wonderland, standing out is a must. Grabbing your audience’s attention is like unwrapping the perfect present. Use eye-catching visuals, craft catchy headlines, and sprinkle in some irresistible calls to action. Want to go the extra mile? Try out branded campaigns, get the holiday buzz going early, and sleigh it with social commerce to reach your customers right when they’re ready to spend.
  • Focus on Essentials: ‘Tis the season for giving, and your customers are on the lookout for those essential somethings that’ll light up their holiday. We’re talking about the gifts that’ll warm hearts and spread joy! Make sure your campaigns showcase products and services that meet your audience’s needs with a sprinkle of that holiday magic. Personalization is the secret sauce here – make it all about them.
  • Keep It Easy-Breezy: When your customers are in the holiday spirit, don’t let a complicated checkout process be the Grinch that steals their joy. Keep things smooth and seamless – the easier it is to buy, the more they’ll be delighted to do so. Make sure your checkout process is as simple and offers a variety of payment options to suit everyone’s preferences.

Excited to sleigh your holiday campaigns with these trends? You can unwrap even more holiday creativity by downloading Taboola’s Q4 2023 Holiday Creative Playbook. Inside, you’ll find all the goodies you need to apply these trends to your own campaigns, including:

  • Consumer Mindset tied to the Holiday Timeline: A step-by-step guide to mastering the art of timing your campaigns just right.
  • Creative Strategies that Drive Sales: Get ready to witness those sales skyrocket as you learn how to create campaigns that dazzle and delight your audience.
  • Examples of Successful Holiday Campaigns: Get inspired by some real-life examples from Taboola’s clients, showcasing how these trends have worked for them.

Dive into the holiday magic and download the playbook today! Start planning your spectacular holiday campaigns, and get ready to jingle all the way to success!

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