Native advertising revenue is growing. According to a recent study by the Business Insider Intelligence and the Interactive Advertising Bureau, native display ad spending has soared.

eMarketer predicts a 27.9% increase for 2018 with a total spend of $28.24 billion, accounting for over half of total display ad spending in the US (53.8%).

native advertising growth

The idea of native ads is not a new phenomenon.

In fact, savvy advertisers have found new ways to deliver content to their intended audience for years. Think back to David Ogilvy’s famous dictum, “There is no need for advertisements to look like advertisements. If you make them look like editorial pages, you will attract about 50% more readers.”

Native Advertising—ads that have the look and feel of the content that surrounds them—is a budding star in the world of digital marketing. It’s paid media that will often resemble editorial content, but differs in its objective; pointing to either more editorial content, or driving its audience directly towards a call to action (CTA), or landing page.

Native ads can subliminally blend into the web page undetected and are far less intrusive. According to BI Intelligence, native ads have higher engagement rates and offer more value than traditional banner ads.

As the demand for content increases, advertisers are quickly understanding that native ads and content discovery are a huge opportunity to boost their brand. No one wants to feel targeted by marketers—the power of native advertising lies with the user’s ability to opt-in to a branded experience. This is what marketing teams and brands truly want—engaged users raising their hands to say they want to read a piece a branded content.

An explosion of mobile ad growth coupled with the dramatic increase in the number of people with online access globally, the rise of native advertising revenue to reach those hungry readers will continue.

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