In the United States alone, travel marketers are top spenders on digital advertisements. Worldwide, travel is one of our top verticals—and one where we see ample opportunity for advertisers across the globe.

We’re breaking down the opportunity for travel advertisers from every aspect of the industry; our trends include campaigns from airlines, travel agents, government tourism initiatives and much more.

Travel advertisers—this is how you nail your next campaign.

Our report, “Travel: Global Trends in Native Advertising 2018,” arms advertisers with information to better identify opportunities—both globally, and individually in 19 dominant travel markets—to compete effectively.

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Specifically, we’re taking a look at the following data:

  • Market opportunity. We’ve got the rundown on opportunity in various countries for travel content—the data compares supply of travel content versus user demand.
  • Campaign insights. For your next finance campaign, we’ve got device, key performance indicator (KPI), content format, keyword and image trends that drive up click-through-rate (CTR) for travel advertisers.
  • User insights. For better targeting, check out trends on when users are viewing and clicking on travel content throughout the day and week.

Data includes an assessment of market opportunity by country, platform type, content type, KPI, keyword, image type, clicks, impressions, and time of day.

Travel Industry Benchmark Report

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