Many Americans looked to the skies this afternoon when the total solar eclipse made its away across the country, and many more took to the web to read about this rare phenomena.  

Meanwhile, our data engineers were noticing an eclipse of their own: in real-time, we started seeing that over half of all readers online were reading about the eclipse. Taboola reaches nearly 90 percent of the US population, while the average American reads 2 to 3 articles recommended by Taboola a day.

50% of all US readership today was about the solar eclipse.

According to the graph below, which was pulled from our Newsroom Network Insights report, 50 percent of all US readership today at 11 am was about the solar eclipse. Articles about President Trump, which usually dominate, comprised only 10 percent of readership.

Taboola now reaches 1.1 billion people a month—one-third of all users on the open web—and serves 14 billion recommendations a day. This reach enabled Taboola to build Taboola Newsroom—a technology that gives publisher editorial teams and brand marketers the ability to know what their readers consume on the web both on and off their site.  

Brands and publishers alike are using Newsroom Network Insights to empower their editorial staff and media buyers to know what users are finding interesting online in real time. Today, it’s the eclipse. Hands down.

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