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11 September 2018

We are proud to have released the New Taboola Pixel, which brings many improvements to your ability to make the most out of your Taboola campaigns.

27 August 2018

Smart Bid is a new bidding feature that helps you maximize campaign performance by automatically adjusting your baseline bid.

10 February 2018

Lately in the realm of video, the industry is seeing a powerful fusion between two innovative trends—outstream formats, and programmatic delivery.

22 January 2018

To distribute content for performance, it’s important to work with platforms that have two key things: scale and user data for audience targeting.

11 December 2017

We’re excited to announce Even Traffic Allocation, giving advertisers the ability to choose how they want traffic distributed amongst their creatives.

24 October 2017

It is our goal to provide the best and safest environment for advertisers; by bringing video supply to publisher sites in our feed environment, we have.

30 August 2017

Advertisers can now run retargeting campaigns themselves. Taboola customers have proven its value—particularly when aiming to increase conversions.

23 August 2017

Our recently-announced partnership with Getty Images streamlines creative testing for marketers and makes A/B testing easy.

21 August 2017

In real-time, we started seeing that over half of all readers online were reading about the eclipse, which was more than Donald Trump articles.

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