Trusted Media Brands, Inc. (TMBI), run by Bonnie Kintzer, is the umbrella company for many publications you already know—Taste of Home, the world’s largest circulation food media brand, Reader’s Digest, Construction Pro Tips, Family Handyman and and more.

We’re excited to launch Taboola Feed on the above publications, especially as an expansion of our existing multi-year partnership. Our goal with evolving the user experience from “widgets” to a feed is rooted in our mission to make the open web render beautifully, similar to how users consume things in social.

Our of our more tactical goals is to help drive metrics such as revenue, user engagement and audience growth for TMBI in the US and now in Canada.

“Native advertising is paramount to our digital strategy for both growing revenue and audiences.

We tapped Taboola because their platform helps us create truly personalized experiences that engage our audiences to spend more time on our sites as well as engaging with our content,” said Vince Errico, Chief Digital Officer.

From an engagement perspective, and since rolling out Taboola Feed in November, TMBI has already seen a significant increase in revenue and pageviews.

If You Improve User Experience, Revenue Follows

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The Taboola Feed serves sponsored content, video and organic recirculation in a continuous feed of ‘cards’ that appear below articles, similar to social feeds—and it’s not only engaging, it’s brand safe.

“The innovation of the Taboola Feed helps Trusted Media Brands provide a brand safe environment for our users to engage with both organic and sponsored content at the moment they are deciding what content to consume next,” said Errico.

We launched Taboola Feed in May of last year, and it’s already nearly 15% of our business like I mentioned in our 2017 year in review. This is important—the more we’re able to make the Feed available on the open web, the more brands can consider moving or expanding budgets from walled gardens to the open web, while using a similar format that’s rendered on amazing and safe websites. Having TMBI join us on this journey, and the opportunity to work with Bonnie, Errico, and the TMBI team is truly exciting.

We’re excited to work with the TMBI team on our new Taboola Feed platform, bringing engaging experiences users already like from social into the open web.

The value of improving user experience with Taboola Feed is a meaningful revenue and engagement opportunity to solve the video scarcity problem that exists in premium publishers, as well as giving users what they want—a clean and engaging experience, rending content, games, surveys, newsletters and other ‘cards.’  

The deal follows recent partnerships around the globe of Taboola Feed adoption including New York Daily News, BT, and El Universal earlier this year.

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