British Telecom (BT), the leading telco also known for their news and sports coverage in the United Kingdom, just brought Taboola Feed’s infinite scrolling experience to both their desktop and mobile sites to better engage new audiences.

“As the open web and digital advertising evolves, we were searching for an experience that would be more engaging for users,” said Harry Foges, BT Editor in Chief.

BT is a leader in European communications, serving customers and audiences in over 180 countries—you may also know them from their broadband, TV and internet products and services; and converged fixed-mobile products and services.

They’re a well-known and established media outlet that’s looking to engage with new audiences on the web. They’ll be able to find them more easily with Feed’s replication of the social scrolling experience.

“The Taboola Feed replicates what so many users are familiar with when scrolling for news and video content on a social feed.

We are pleased to see this has already boosted engagement and look forward to seeing more growth and innovations from Taboola in the years to come,” said Foges.

Feed will power the recirculation of the news and videos BT creates and distributes themselves, while also recommending sponsored editorial content to users.

Our partnership will bring better personalization to BT audiences.

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When consuming content on the BT mobile or desktop sites, audiences from BT will now see Taboola Feed—a continuously scrolling feed of ‘cards’ that contain different types of content.

Feed contains both video and content recommendations, but also a continuously evolving group of third-party cards and experiences like games, surveys, weather applications and more, that appear below articles—all of which will help evoke voluntary action in BT’s engaged audiences.

“It’s our mission to connect people with things they may like and never knew existed.” – Adam Singolda, CEO and founder of Taboola.

“It’s our mission to connect people with things they may like and never knew existed, empowering the open web with the technology and financial opportunity to find growth and independence outside of the walled gardens,” said Adam Singolda, CEO and founder of Taboola.

The goals for the collaboration are to drive more revenue from new BT audiences, and more engagement opportunities for those audiences.

“I’m very excited about our partnership with BT around Taboola Feed, which I strongly believe will be the way 3 billion people will consume the open web in a few years; an infinite flow of personalized experiences, from content, to videos, to surveys, games and others,” Singolda said.

I believe people will spend more time on the open web, before they click ‘back’ to the social feed.” – Adam Singolda

Taboola Feed aims to surface a dazzling variety of interesting and personalized experiences, in a consistent user interface, enabling consumers to linger, scroll and enjoy. For more information about Taboola Feed, contact us.

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