People seem to be creating more content than ever before, and the number of digital formats available can be overwhelming: text, video, slideshows, infographics, quizzes, the list goes on.

Although content marketing helps cut through the clutter, the format you choose plays a big role in whether or not that piece of content actually resonates with your target audience.

Taboola teamed up with ClickTale, the leading customer experience firm, to take a closer look at how people consume two of the most widely used formats: text and video.

Video Creates an Empathetic Connection

Studies show that watching video activates our brain’s “mirror neuron mechanism,” enabling us to experience (to a lesser degree) the behaviors and sensations of the people on-screen. This neurological activity makes the spectator much more emotionally involved in a way that text alone cannot replicate.

Reading Activates Our “Inner Voice”

While watching video is a passive experience, reading text demands more work from our brain. The production of an “inner voice” that accompanies reading enhances our attention and ability to construct thought from the words on the page. This process lends itself to more rational, detail-oriented topics.

Visitors’ Mindset Influences Optimal Format

Analysis from ClickTale has found that when people visit a website, they tend to possess one of two distinct mindsets: goal-oriented searching, or unintentional browsing. These psychological states appeal to very different content tastes, and our research helps you decide whether text or video is more likely to resonate based on factors such as time of day, how users arrived on your site, and more.

How do you know which format will work best for your particular product or service?

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