Our first decade at Taboola was devoted to the open web. Our second decade will expand to include everywhere else.

Our vision was always to be everywhere consumers are giving their attention—and for the first time, we’re taking our discovery technology to the physical world to meet them there.

I started Taboola because I didn’t think people should have to search for things. I wanted information to be surfaced to all of us in a personalized way, and I’m humbled to say that today we recommend to 1.4 billion people a month on publisher sites. 20 billion times a year people click on a Taboola recommendation. And we paid publishers over $2B in revenue over the past few years. We are proud to be an integral part of local and national journalism all around the world.

But tomorrow, and over the next decade, I hope to also be working with the world’s most innovative mobile carriers, device manufacturers (OEMs), car manufacturers, smart home appliances, and even those technologies that have yet to be imagined.

Taboola News is our latest area of focus that will drive a new path of growth towards bringing personalized news feeds into devices in the physical world, so people can discover what’s interesting and new. Beyond that, it’s a huge opportunity for our publisher partners around the world to find new and massive audience growth—bring new and engaged readers to their owned and operated properties outside of search and social—as well as helping brand advertisers to get in front of even more brand safe mobile audiences. 

Great companies’ future—companies like Apple or Google—will be to create more touch points and services with consumers with things like news, music, payments and healthcare in their own environments (iPhone, Pixel, Home, etc.). We want to bring services to the rest of the world, and I’m so excited to be bringing “quality news as a service” to hundreds of millions of devices out there around the world. We’re already integrated with 60 million devices around the globe. Today, with Sony as a strategic partner, Taboola will be integrated with over 10 million devices in the next year, alongside America Movil, ZTE and vivo.

You’ve Already Seen Us In Airports or When Ridesharing

Do you know how when you are catching a flight in Newark, or many other airports in America, there are iPads for you to order food while you wait for your flight? We’re there. 

When people are hungry, or looking to kill time waiting for their flight, or, when you rideshare to get back home from work? We’re there. offering you an opportunity to be served news you’ll love to discover, based on what you may have liked at a similar time, on a similar day or other metrics we’re looking at. How cool is that! 🙂 

How Our Technology Works

We have spent the last 11 years developing machine learning (ML), and more recently deep learning (DL), algorithms that continue to match the most relevant content and experiences with the 1.4 billion people we make recommendations to every month. 

We’ve also created partnerships with thousands of quality publishers in 50 markets around the world. 

We’re now taking advantage of our data and tech to create news feeds all around the world, pre-installed with mobile carriers and OEMs, in airports and cars, and anywhere people spend their time looking to discover something interesting and new. 

We intend to help users access information that could enrich their lives, create engaging and exciting revenue opportunities for our partners, and create a future where the open web is not dependent on search or social so the open web will not only survive, but thrive.

We’re just at the beginning, but it’s a beginning I’m very excited about. Our future is fully aligned with the open web and the success of our publisher partners, our brand partners and our new Taboola News partners. 

Re-capping What Taboola News Hopes to Accomplish

  • For our partners (mobile carriers, OEMs, car manufacturers it will bring engaging, and personalized news-as-a-service to create engaging touch points with their users, and create new monetization opportunities. 
  • For publishers, it will bring new and engaged audiences. 
  • For brands and advertisers, it will bring access to new engaging mobile-first users 
  • And for people around the world, it will bring new opportunities to discover something interesting and new they may love and never knew existed.

No room for small dreams.

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