Connecting Riders to Relevant, Local and National Content, Enriching Users’ Experience

I’m excited.

I started Taboola in 2007 because I didn’t want people to have to look for things. Instead, I wanted to have things look for people—to enrich lives by empowering everyone explore what’s new and interesting out there for us.

We focused the first 11 years of our journey on the Open Web, recommending things to consumers when they finish reading an article on publishers’ sites. I am humbled and proud to work with some of the most innovative media companies in the world today.

Earlier this year we started a whole new division called “Taboola News” which is essentially a way for us to bring interesting news feeds into the world, outside of the open web, wherever people spend their time and have intent to discover new things.

We started by announcing partnerships with some of the leading Android Manufacturers (OEMs) in the world, such as ZTE and vivo with more to come soon on that front. But as part of the Taboola News strategy, we want to be everywhere.

Announcing our strategic partnership with Via

I’m very excited to announce our partnership with Via, the world’s expert in on-demand shared transportation. Taboola News curated news and content from our network of premium publishers  will now be integrated straight to riders experience starting in New York City.

This partnership will connect our premium publisher partners to Via’s riders allowing them to seamlessly access hyper-relevant entertainment and information while in transit at the moment when riders are waiting for a ride and when in the ride itself.

Imagine living in Chelsea, taking a ride uptown and on your way using the Via app to connect to local and national news that you may like. When Daniel Ramot, co-founder and CEO, Via and I spent time together, we’ve said our main focus is the riders and users. Our goal is to not only achieve an even greater ride experience for people, but also creating real and meaningful value for people.

Our hope is if we only enabled riders to discover that one article that made their day more productive or that piece of information, they could use in a conversation later in the day—we did good.

This partnership is also great for journalism. In a world where publishers are looking for new ways to drive loyal readers to their site, this is a whole new vehicle to introduce engaged users to relevant and premium news.

Mobile app partnerships are an exciting development for our publishers.

We plan to be live by end of the year, and I cannot wait to take a ride to the office and check out the news!  

Stay tuned…

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