There are two things we know about the app world—one, there are really cool apps out there; and two, it’s a very saturated market.

In such a crowded space, app marketers are always looking for ways to successfully target users and drive more downloads; but they’re getting lost on ineffective platforms that are saturated with promotions.

Taboola is able to help app marketers to combat this in several ways—we only show your app to the people who are most likely to be interested, we can directly link app downloads to your Taboola campaigns so you can see a tangible ROI.

Using our best practices, this app developer received over 50K downloads a month with Taboola. We’ve got the secret sauce to getting your targeted users to click ‘download’ on your landing page—whether you’re iOS or Android, we can help you target the users that want you.

We took a deep dive into our platform and analyzed our network’s app creatives to see which performed best for marketers. We want to share our best practices for app distribution—check out the infographic below before launching your next app campaign to be successful right from the start.

Click here to download the PDF version.


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